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Current Law Students / patent bar study aides
« on: January 04, 2006, 09:54:23 AM »
Hi. I have seen some posts about this when I searched, but there was no answer. I am planning on taking the patent bar this summer. Which home study kit is reccomended.  The prices for them seem out of control. Any advice please?  I'd like to do the cheapest which is 750.00 compared to the 2395 of BarBri, but I am worried that I won't be as prepared. Thanks

Studying for the LSAT / schools that take highest LSAT schore
« on: July 19, 2005, 12:03:32 PM »
Does anyone know where I can get a list of the few law schools that take just the highest LSAT score?/

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / anyone else fed up wtih wl's?
« on: July 18, 2005, 08:10:39 AM »
hi. I am on eight waitlists and gave them all till aug 1st. At this point I figure i'm not getting off and i'm a little disappointed. I'll be fine going to where I'm set to go and I have an apt and everything set up there.. but geez out of the eight I thought I'd get off one! Anyone else sorta fed up or disappointed?  I just want to vent :)

hi. I am dying to hear a decision from Villanova. Some peeps last week said they got waitlist decisions over the phone. I called last weds and they said i'm still in long do I have to wait to try to call again?? I am dying to call again today but I mean that's only like a week more I gave them. I just want to know cause if I don't get in there I am placing a security deposit on an apartment at my other choice.  I only live like 15 min away from them tho, so I mean I should get any decision they make right away. ugg.

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Syracuse Admitted Students Day
« on: April 30, 2005, 09:21:52 AM »
Ok. So .I just got back from visiting Syracuse yesterday.  I know alot of peeps have been recently accepted so this should help a bit :)  As of right now unless I get off the waitlists from my dream schools or get a response from villanova, I am going to go to Syracuse over Penn State Dickinson...however, it's not perfect there are some concerns.  Ok so here it goes.

I was totally impressed with the schools facilites. I probalby want to do IP law, but I was a science major (and got a master in biomed science) and they have a whole SUNTEC center set up for law technology and science and a program called law, science, and technolgy that just got a million dollar donation. Theyt also have a science and tech. law journal that you have to be top 15% of the class to get in.  The library seems really nice with four floors and the classroom I sat in on a class at was up to date and modern and just how you would picture a classroom to be (I was diaspointed with dickinson's classrooms seemed old and dingy).  The other prospective studens and current students were awesome. They seemed to be on the same level intellectually and were from decent undergrads and well -rounded. The current students bent over backwards to help yo.  The campus was really nice and has a little "Corner" of bars and stores and the law school is right next to the dome..whcih from me I am quite psyced to get to see some real bball and football since I went to div. 3 college.  I am also jJewish and it being passover and at the lunchesa nd breakfast having them consider that and having matzah and other stuff impressed me as well (but that's just me :) )
Ok. things I am somewhat worried about.  The class I sat in on had an awesome professor. It was health law with prof. Bell. Howver, he was the only professor I came inc ontact with so I feel as if I didn't get to get a feeling for the profs. Whenever I asked someone abotu the prof and the aloof rep. the student kinda stared and me and i kept getting the same resonse "some are good some are bad"  Also when asked about th grad curve they had recently just changed it and have a C grad curve for the firs tyears and a B grade curve for the 2nd two yeras.  The students were not aware of this but one of htem asked the dean who seemed like a "B" and she said that to me in a sorta mean tone.  I didn't like her at all!! Howeve, with all the problems with her it was sorta hush hush mentioned that she might be leaving.  I was worried i would be stuck in NY state but anyone who is worried about that don't be. Most poeple I talked to told me they know lots of people that graduated from there nad odn't work in NY. And they have alot of alumni in DC, NYC, and actually california (which I know another poster is from ..sbut sorry i can't remembver the name of who it was :) )  Anyway, typically alot of students come form california nad minnesota so they hve alot of alumni that go back there.  And i know it's werid, but i realliy think that their bball reputation will make it easier to get a job then some other schools of the same ranking level.. but maybe i'm just hoping. anyway if you have any specific questoin you can PM me or post it here and i'll try to answer. overall I def. l.iked the studetns tho and it seemed like a great social life and bond is there... but I do have a cousin tha goes there and he says expect B's and C's as teh typical grades.. which seems sucky.. but this kinda seems like how law schools are. 

Just wondering if anyone has gotten off or heard any news about the Wash U waitlist. I would LOVE to go there, but i am on so many waitlists that I know the chances are slim. oh well

Hi.  So I was wondering if anyone on the board had generally good advice about this situation. Please no jerky comments cause my younger sister is really down and I want to help her.  She is a senior in college government major.  She has always wanted to go to law school since she was a kid and planned on applying for this year.  However, something happened in the fall that realy upset her.  She was supposed to take the Oct Lsat and cancled it and took them in Dec... but she was still really going through a rough time and did awful (138).  Therefore she did not end up applying to law schools cause she was so upset at that score she was scared to take them this year again. She thought she'd await two years or so and retake them and meanwhile get a job as a paralegal in a NYC or DC law firm where they hlep you get into law school. Anyway, she has gotten rejected from alot of these jobs so far so she wants to look into other options. Anyone have any ideas?  She wouldn't mind doing something in government in DC either as a job after college. Anyone know how to go about that?  Are there any law post-bac programs? I looked on the web and saw one at Hamline, but I don' tknow if that's that best option.  Any9one have any advice?? I feel so bad since I'm the one ending up going to law school next year. 

Choosing the Right Law School / Syracuse vs. Penn State-Dickinson
« on: April 12, 2005, 10:20:49 AM »
hi. So i sent in my deposit last week to PSDickinson. But i found out today I got into Syracuse.  I am on the waitlist at a few places that are my dream schools, but anyone have any suggestions about which dickinson vs. syracuse. I am worried about the type of employment gained from syracuse.  Just any thoughts would be helpful :)  They're both 2nd tier now so I guess that's good. I have always loved the orangeman mascot tho..hehehe I am visiting syracasue on april 29th, but until then share your thoughts.

sorry guys! i know i promised this, but i couldn't get LSD to load all day for some reason and i got back late last night.

Anyway, I don't have much to report that's different from other posters comments before.  I actualy don't mind the small town. I think the campus of Dickinson College is really pretty.  They are changing the grading system so that there will be letters form now on and a B curve which the students said would help.  YOu need to be in the top7.5% of the class to be on law review. I loved all the professors I met. There is an open door policy of you can come by anytime between 9-5 which i thought was great. I am actually a little worried about those carol things in the library where you have to line up to reserve one at the crack of dawn. It's a neat idea and i love how you can trust people and leave yoru stuff there, but seems like a pain.  We had a mock class which was interesitng.  The dean didn't give a speech or anyting tho which i found kinda odd.  hmm.. if there's any particular questions please ask cause i don't really know what to say. Overall I was happy with the school. I do have one bad thing to say.  I hope I don't insult anyone if you were there I don't mean to I probably didn't meet you.. however while the current students were really friendly and awesome and willing to tell it like ti is...I must have met more rude prospective students than in all my other law school visits combined. I mean I woudl try to be friendly and say hi and these people would not start a convo. It made me worried about forming study groups because no one was friendly.  I didn't think that psu dickinson had that rep. I probably will be attending there despite that cause i was really impressed with their facilities and stuff.  I know some people's parents were really worried about all the construction that is going to be going on while we're in class. I don't think that's that big of a deal tho.  Ok. so ask me if you have a specific question.

Incoming 1Ls / penn state dickinson grade curve?
« on: April 02, 2005, 06:22:09 PM »
Anyone know anything about penn state and its grade curve or if one exists. I read somewhere on this board that some schools weed out 1/3 of the class.  Does penn state do this? just curious if anyone has any info.  I guess i'm just bored and thinking about it :)

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