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SUNY - Buffalo!   :) ;D

Law School Admissions / Re: Taking the LSAT abroad...
« on: May 22, 2005, 01:23:58 PM »
my roommate took the LSAT in HK while we were living there and they usually give it during a weekday after they release it in the US.  They use the same exam as the US so law schools in the US have no problems accepting them. 

Good luck in HK!  It is a beautiful city to live in!

I suggest that you visit both schools and see where you feel most comfortable.  Write down everything that each school can offer you and see what stands out the most.  Write out the pros/cons, etc.

I am in a similar dilemma because I have been accepted by both UConn and SUNY Buffalo.  Seems like an easy choice but when I went to visit both schools I absolutely fell in love with SUNY.  They have an international law concentration (which is what I want to focus on in my career) They are so helpful and I got a lot of help with financial aid. I was accepted by UConn in April and they included in the acceptance letter that their financial aid form was due March 1 (which I did not know previously) and I am not eligible for any grants and I did not receive scholarships from them.  Since the admitted open house passed there they will only arrange a student tour for me.  They do not have a concentration in international law and so that made my choice easier.  Both schools have connections in NYC (which is where I want to end up). Yes, UConn may have a better name, but SUNY can provide me with what I need during law school which will create an environment where I will excel.  In UConn, I will most likely be lost in the sauce.  That is just my take.

Decide what is most important for you in attaining your long term goals. 

No tuition debt is a plus, ask yourself if St Johns is going to get you where you need to be.  They have climbed the rankings considerably in the last few years.  Where do you want to work?  What programs do they have?  If Duke screams to you that they can get you where you need to be and you will be comfortable there then go for it.   

Good luck!  And congratulations on your acceptances!

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / UConn!!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: April 22, 2005, 12:49:19 PM »
OK... so last weekend i visited SUNY Buffalo and fell in love, but today I found out that I got into UConn!!! This has been my dream school since forever...  totatally confused on what to do.  I loved Buffalo but UConn is .. UConn.  I'm going away this weekend to visit a friend in Chicago otherwise I would go to UConn now, but I will be visiting UConn next weekend.

what to do?

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Univ at Buffalo SUNY anyone?
« on: April 18, 2005, 07:54:16 AM »
one more thing.... i am also very terrified of the snow that they get up there.  it was a bit deceiving because it was a beautiful 65 degree clear day when I went there... so i have no idea how the snow will be either.  one pro for that, at least we will not be distracted by the nice beach and warm weather.  this will force us to stay inside and study more!   ;)

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Univ at Buffalo SUNY anyone?
« on: April 18, 2005, 07:48:25 AM »
I have made a final decision on attending and I went to the Accepted Student visit on Apr 16.  I as well as many other accepted students were plesantly surprised at how great the school is and what a wonderful atmosphere it has.  Everyone is so friendly and helpful and the students that were chosen to represent the student panel were so far the best compared to the other schools I visited.  Down to earth, every informative etc.  I felt quite at home there.  The campus is absolutely enormous, the law school is concentrated in 1 building but it is big.  As students of UB we have access to everything the campus offers, shuttle bus, gym, free tickets to games (good pro!). 

It seems like a great environment to be in.  Campus housing is beautiful as well.  I hope you enjoy the visit too.

I visted Widener PA 4 years ago when I first applied to law schools.  Here is what I thought.  The school is pretty small with about 3 buildings that look like renovated houses.  The library is a little small.  It would be wise to have a car as everything is about 5 or 10 min away on top of the hill behind the school (apartments, shops, etc.) They do help you find jobs in the capital (gov't or firms) which would be good for you if you want to stay in Harrisburg.  There are 2 (literally 2) minorities in the whole school, I noticed that from their stats)

So if you like a small school, a town feel and want to stay in Harrisburg, then this would be the place to go for you.  (I didn't go there because I took a job overseas and came back recently to the US.  Now I want to stay in NY.)

Choosing the Right Law School / New York Law and CUNY...
« on: March 21, 2005, 04:37:51 PM »
So far I have applied to 11 schools and I've only heard back from NYLS and CUNY.  It is amazing how different the tuition is... nyls $38,000 and cuny is only around $8,000.  both were safety schools but CUNY's tuition deposit is due by Apr. 1 and NYLS is due by Apr. 15.

I don't want to get stuck not going anywhere but I'm afraid not to put down a deposit in case I don't hear from any other schools... Anyone have some advice?  ???

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