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I had a similar dilemma, Cornell (160k debt) vs. OSU (full ride).  I'm going with OSU, because I am the type of person to worry about debt, I am not sure I want to work for Biglaw (currently a paralegal at Biglaw in NYC and I'm underwhelmed with the lifestyle) and I think that OSU does well in Chicago, my preferred market should I choose Biglaw.

I made my decision after hearing about two of my former classmates from undergrad.  Both had received offers from Kirkland and Ellis in Chicago.  One went to Penn and the other to OSU (seriously, not making this up).

Disclaimer: You have to do well at OSU to get an offer like the one described above.


It doesn't look like I'm going to accept Hastings' offer, so you can have my spot  ;)

I went out for admit day, and I think it's a great school, great location, etc.  But my financial aid award letter suggested that I borrow 28K in private loans alone for the first year (I'm an out-of-stater), and I'm just not sure I want to be in BIGlaw long enough to pay off those loans.  And in order to qualify for loan repayment assistance, you have to work at a non-profit AND make less that 50K, which is, in my opinion, impossible to live on in the Bay Area.

So I am rambling, but my point is that Hastings is great but I'm passing, I really hope a spot opens for you.

Thanks, I wonder if extra money like that is only available to you fancy schmancy IP people  ;)

Well, maybe if you are not taking it that will free some money up for me.  Good luck at Kent, I have a friend that is going there in the fall, as well, a very nice girl named Jess.  Seek her out as a study partner if you meet her, she's a smart one.

I've never tried this before....BUMP!

Can I ask how you got the 24K from DePaul.  LSAT/GPA?

I personally would choose DePaul because I think it has better lateral mobility outside of the Chicago market.  I love Chicago, but if I ever wanted to move laterally to Denver or NYC I think the DePaul name travels much better.  I am currently working at a firm in NYC, and here most people think that the Chicago law school network is only Northwestern, UChicago, and DePaul.  They generally think that DePaul is the Fordham of the Chicago market, ie a respectable number 3.

Just my opinion.  So did you negotiate for more money or did they offer that off the bat?  Did they call it the Dean's Merit or is there another name for it?  Thanks so much!

I'm in!  Considering going out to Admitted Students day.  JetBlue flights from NYC to San Fran aren't bad.  See the law school on Saturday, wine country on Sunday, counds like a good time to me.

Jules, I'm utterly confused by your waitlist, your numbers are almost identical to mine.

My biggest concern with UC-H is now cost.  Being from out of state, it's going to be rough.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Cornell Decison after Easter?
« on: March 28, 2005, 08:27:48 AM »
I also just went decision, 166/3.4 from top undergrad.

Cornell is my top choice but I am expecting a rejection.  B/c I live in NYC, perhaps my mail will get here first, I'll be sure to post and let you know.

I went to "decision" a week ago and received an acceptance letter on Thursday.  Be forewarned, the letter came in a small envelope.

I now have a difficult decision: Boston, Chicago, or San Fran.  I guess I should decide where I want to practice law, but I really don't know.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Cornell Decision
« on: March 26, 2005, 02:47:41 PM »
I went to decision today...per an earlier post, all acceptances have gone out and the best I can hope for is a "reserved" letter, correct?

This is the only one that will really hurt.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Cornell Decision
« on: March 23, 2005, 10:58:54 AM »
I am still "Complete"...unchanged since late January/Early Feb.  Is this a bad thing that I haven't gone decision?

Cornell is my dream school.  If I don't get in, I can see myself trying to transfer in after a year.  

166/3.4 Top 15 undergrad.  

I can still dream until the rejection comes...

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