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This is a very interesting thread.  Here's my story:

I am 39 but I can "pass" for late 20's.  (drink lots of water, don't wear make-up and don't smoke!)   :)

I have worked for 20 years in mortgage banking and feel that I have done everything I can do in that field.  I also have a Realtor License. 

My BA (1987-economics) is from a highly regarded private college.  I completed school in 3.5 years and worked *all* the time to pay for it.  My GPA is LOW and that is the main flaw in my application.

I have a MA (2002-education) that my company paid for w/tuition reimbursement.  Teaching has been a back-up plan for me, although I have never needed it per se.

Married for 17 years, no kids.  2 years ago I moved 1,500+ miles to a place I have always wanted to live.  I figured if I had to wait for hubby I'd never get to live more than 20 miles from where I grew up.  We are both VERY independent and we get along great.  Our non-traditional arrangement works very well for us, but no one else seems to get it.  He was looking for a job in this location, but then he got promoted with a hefty raise.  It is his dream job.  My plan was working so well....  Now it will be another few years before he could leave, but he says he likes it here and will look for jobs in this region.  We'll see.  He is thinking about getting a PhD while I am in school.

I don't expect to do BIGLaw, nor do I want to do what you have to do to get big $.  I will work hard at school and in the job.  I want to work with people (I LOVE customers) and help normal people with normal situations.  I am leaning towards Real Estate and Taxation because I am good at it and because that's what I know.  I can't see myself as a courtroom attorney.

I think law school will be interesting and challenging.  I am excited for the opportunity to meet new people who are smart and interesting.

I have been deferred at my top school, and waitlisted and my 2nd choice.  I was offered a rather nice scholarship by a school, but hate to make this decision based on $.  I have the funds to pay for most of school, but hate the idea of draining ALL my savings.  I am thinking of buying a house/condo while in school - the payments would be the same as rent - anyone else thinking of doing this?

I agree re: Testmasters.  I took the class over the summer and took the LSAT in October.  I knew I was having problems with the 1st Section - but i BOMBED it and earned a 149 on the test.  (my 1st practice LSAT was 148).  What a bummer.

I studied on my own (doing all the TM homework I didn't get to the 1st time around) and used the Powerscore Logic Games Bible.  In Dec. I earned a 160.  I wish schools didn't average LSAT scores.  When I started LSAT prep I was determined to get a 165.  I revised that to 160.  My best practice test ever was 162, the worst 148.

Reading Comp. was always easy for me, and I did improve a bit on Logical Reasoning, but I really improved on the games.  Just do them over & over.

Good luck.  I applied to 12 schools and have been accepted at 5, deferred at 1 and WL at 1.  2 Denials and 2 still pending.  I never thought I'd have a chance - but I have options.  I am not interested even a little bit in T14 or Biglaw.

U of MN - Mailed app on 1-4, declined 3-14.  It was a long-shot, I wasn't surprised.  Only surprised that it took so long to reject me.   ;)

St. Thomas - Mailed app on 12-31, accepted 1-31.  No offer of financial assistance.  I sent them a "no-thanks" letter tonight.

Hamline - Mailed app on 1-3, accepted 2-5. $12K Dean's Scholarship and I have applied for the Bakken Fellowship.  Still strongly considering Hamline.

Wm. Mitchell - Mailed app on 1-6.  Got notice 3-3 that letters of ref. were missing.  How could they be - they were with the LSDAS report.  And why did it take 2 months to tell me this?  Today I rec'd a postcard that my file was complete (finally).  Still waiting to get an admissions decision.

YES - 5 (I have formally declined 2 of these offers)
Maybe - 2 (defer & waitlist at my top 2 choices)
no - 3
pending - 2

LSAT: 149 and 160
MA GPA: 3.91 (2002)
BA GPA: 2.29 (1987) (it isn't really this bad - but that's how LSDAS computes it.  It isn't good no matter how you slice it.)

Stroopwafel -

I am from Minnesota and have also been accepted to Hamline.  I am still waiting on a few applications, but Hamline is certainly an attractive option.  I received a nice scholarship and I just e-mailed in my Bakken Fellowship proposal.

I can't attend the admitted students event due to a prior obligation. 

The admissions people are very nice, I have only had pleasant conversations with them.

Midway is basically the area around University Avenue between Snelling Avenue and East towards downtown St. Paul.  I'd say that it is about 6-8 blocks from the Hamline campus.  It is very unlike "the Ave" in Seattle, and is NOT ped-friendly.  An area much more like "the Ave" would be Dinkytown near the U of MN campus in Minneapolis.

Special K is correct in that the Como Park area (to the Northeast of campus) is very nice - there is even a free zoo there with giraffes!  :)

Post after the event next week - I'd love to hear what you think.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Other Backgrounds
« on: March 12, 2005, 10:23:59 PM »
1st time poster, long time lurker.   :)

I am an "older student" at 39.  I have been in Mortgage Banking for 20 years and hope to be a Real Estate and Property attorney.

I applied at 12 schools - my scorecard thus far is as follows:

2 Maybe (a defer and a waitlist)
2 no
4 pending

Of course, the 2 "maybe" schools are my top choices.

My undergraduate GPA is not very good, especially calculated the way LSDAC does it.  My graduate school grades were good.  My LSAT is 160.

BA in Economics. (1987)  MA in Education (2002)  I could teach high school Social Studies.

Nice to meet all of you and thanks for some good and interesting information.

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