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Not trying to be provocative for the sake of being provocative; I want to know what people think about this stuff.

When I was filling out my applications way back in November, I was fairly confident that all the stellar stuff I did in college, my PS and recs, and my post-first year GPA would adequately compensate for my LSAT score at at least one of the top 30 schools I applied for. Now that I'm being rejected like it's my job, I'm wondering if I should have talked about some other things that can play into an admissions decision; more specifically, even though I'm as white as white can be, I'm queer and I grew up socioeconomically disadvantaged as the oldest of three kids in a single parent household.

As has already been pointed out in this section, there is RARELY an opportunity on a law school app to simply check a "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered" box the same way ethnic minorities can check the race box that corresponds to them. Some of the schools I applied to had a "if you're a member of a minority group, or have been disadvantaged, blah blah blah, check here, and then explain why the hell we should care." I had initially checked those boxes, but when I sat down to write my explaination, I found that I couldn't do it without feeling like I was just trying to make the AdCom to feel sorry for me. Yes, I've overcome a lot of "challenges" and have faced some "discrimination", but how do you describe that without coming off as just another a sob story? I've obviously accomplished a lot despite it all, so what's the point in dragging up what I see as irrelevant parts of my identity? Also, I couldn't help but think that there are probably a lot of people who have faced a hell of a lot MORE discrimination than I have so I don't really have the right to use AA for my advantage in the first place.

But now that I have little hope of getting in anywhere I applied, I'm starting to think I was naive and that I should have milked this stuff for all it's worth. What do you guys think? Do you think I was right to do what I did, or do you think I should have just sucked it up and written the essay about the winter our heat was shut off because my mom couldn't afford to pay the bills?

BAAAAAAAHAHA! I burst out laughing when I read this, Lane. Thanks for adding some light to my dreary, rejection-filled life. Although now my office mates think I'm loco.

Oooh, lard. Mmmmmmm.

What!? What's up with this forum changing 'b*tch' to 'female dog'? How am I going to express my anger and insanity with such a limited range of words!??

Welcome to the club, try the chalupas.  And, here's your introductory shot of Bob's.
BTW, pessimistic views are most accepted here.  Act too cheerful and we might have to kick you out.  Pull up a chair and enjoy the wait.

I think the sheer delight in that last post of mine was in response to finding more people to female dog about this whole process with, as I think I've thoroughly alienated my friends with my neuroses. There's only so many times they can say "Oh, you'll get in eventually" to "I'm going to be living in a gutter next year because I stupidly overestimated my credentials and am not getting into law school." Now that it's March and I still got nothin', it's changed from "You'll get in" to "Er, um, everything always turns out okay?" before they bolt out the door of the room I'm in to avoid talking about it any more.  

It seems like everyone here also understands the (very real) possibility of being stuck at our miserable jobs for another year if a damn acceptance doesn't come soon. Well, being stuck at our miserable jobs or quitting and being unemployed. And having to move back in with the 'rents. Ain't this law school application process grand?

Thank you for the oh-so-kind welcome. I look forward to gorging myself on chalupas and ruining my liver with Bob's. *Is* there a warning label on the Bob's that warns against drinking too much? If there's not, we can start a frivilous class action law suit. If only that didn't require hiring a... lawyer. *weep*

Oh my God! A whole bunch of people who are as obsessed with their lack of acceptances as I am!!! This is fantastic!

I applied in MID-NOVEMBER, and have only heard from four of the nine schools I applied to. Three of them were rejections and one was a wait-list. I'm taking the fact that I haven't heard from the others as a good sign (as in, they're considering letting me in despite my LSAT score), but I wish they would just hurry up and decide already.

I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here...

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