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Was not going to apply for fall 2004,  cicumstances have now changed. My LSAT score is 166, last two semesters 3.5 cum. and a 3.1 total 4-year cum. What schools in northeast should I apply to and any possibility of scholarship monies. 

Applied late and I have upcoming interview with Cardoza. Do you think any scholarship $$ still available. Should I use other schools to leverage $$. Must make desicion at end of week. I was really impressed with Rutgers faculty and alumni.Any input on Cardoza interview, Rutgers or Temple appreciated.   

Law School Admissions / Applying late with a 3.2 cum. and a 166 lsat
« on: February 07, 2004, 12:39:42 PM »
What schools in northeast do I have a shot at being accepted in with some scholarship monies at this late date. Please advise

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