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Book sales, auctions, trades, etc. / Virginia Barbri Books
« on: July 15, 2010, 01:35:24 PM »
Virginia BarBri books in good shape. Books included are:
> Virginia Essay Testing - VAT 2007
> Multistate - MS 2007
> Virginia - VA 2007
> Professional Responsibility - 2007
> Conviser Mini Review (Virginia) - CMR 2007
> Practice Questions (Multistate Testing) - MPQ 2007
> Drills and Released Questions - MDR 2007
> Simulated MBE (Multistate Testing) - MSE 2007
> MPRE Subject Matter Outline - 2007

The Conviser Mini review book mentioned above is what you need to know for the State portion of the exam. This book covers the VIRGINIA Subjects:

* Agency
* Civil Procedure
* Commercial Paper
* Conflict of Laws
* Corporations
* Creditors' Rights
* Criminal Procedure
* Domestic Relations
* Equity
* Federal Jurisdiction and Procedure
* Local Government Law
* Mortgages and Liens
* Partnership
* Personal Property
* Professional Responsibility
* Secured Transactions
* Suretyship
* Taxation
* Trusts
* Wills
* Finepoints
* Virginia Distinctions


* Constitutional Law
* Contracts
* Sales
* Criminal Law
* Criminal Procedure
* Evidence
* Real Property
* Torts

The Virginia Essay Testing (VAT) book has recent essays, but the book is the 2007 version. The bar examiners let you take the essay questions home, so I can include the 4 exams from 2008 and 2009 that I got a hold of. I can also include a 2008 frequency chart of recent subjects tested. So you can look at the latest exams and add to this chart to try to predict what is tested next. I can also try to get the 2010 exams from friends, but I can't guarantee this.

My cell is 516- eight three five- 4769. Or email: pjlouie at liberty dot edu

I passed the February Virginia 2009 Bar Exam.

Materials I have for sale:

A. MICROMASH MATERIALS: $325 (Picture 1)
I used Micromash Bar Review materials. I purchased the Full Review Plus in Fall of 2008, to prepare for the Feb 2009 bar exam. It cost me $1600 for Full Review Plus. The website is:

To be honest, their mentor wasn't very helpful. He only graded 7 essays, which I could do myself with the answer keys. The books are what may really be helpful to you. The key is to practice, practice, and practice.

This set includes:
- 4 state bar review books (with summaries of the 29 subjects tested in VA state law.... one book is devoted to sample essays questions by topic. It also has test questions and answers for 2 recent state exams: July 06 and February 07 ... my books were bought new in Fall of 2008, for the Feb VA 2009 Course.)
- 4 MBE review books (MBE subject outlines for all 6 MBE subjects).
- Sample MBE test and answers. You can sit down and practice the MBE test in two three hour sessions. I did not write in the book and it is included for you.

In addition to practicing the state essays and getting the Micromash Bar Review books from me, you might also look for more MBE practice problems.

B. PMBR RED AND BLUE BOOK: $225 (Picture 2)
I can also sell you the PMBR red and blue books with lots of MBE practice problems and another set of MBE outlines for $200.

C. PMBR CDs for LECTURES: $125 (Picture 2)
I also have a 6 subject PMBR CD set, (29 cds), for reviewing the 6 MBE subjects via CD rom lectures.

Or, I will sell you the Micromash, PMBR books and PMBR CD's for a total of $600. Shipping included in prices.

Pictures are at:

Reply here, email pjlouie at or call my cell to leave a message at 516.835.4769.

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