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Choosing the Right Law School / I think I may be an idiot
« on: February 26, 2005, 07:40:59 AM »
So, I just discovered LSN and LSD (thanks for the ND advice, everyone).  I applied to law school pretty late: mid to late January.  I applied to schools mostly in the 20-30 USNWR range (my stats are 3.28 (chem major--yuck) and 169), because I figured my GPA was too low to get accepted to a better school.  Well, now I am being accepted everywhere.  Did I really screw myself by not taking a chance on Cornell, Duke, etc?  I know nothing is for certain, but people like me are getting accepted!
This is making me a bit sad.  Should I just forget about what could have been?  I am  not in a huge rush for law school, but I (obviously) was planning to start this fall.  Hmmm.  Has anyone else found themselves in this situation?

Choosing the Right Law School / Religion at Notre Dame
« on: February 25, 2005, 03:47:30 PM »
I just heard about the infinite wisdom of this board, and I turn to you for some advice.  I was accepted to Notre Dame (I don't really know why, my stats aren't incredible-- 3.3, 169).
I applied mainly for location-- I want to be near Chicago, where my significant other is.  I have been accepted to Madison, UIUC, Kent, and Loyola, waitlisted at NU (I know I have no chance of being accepted at NU).  So, ND is my best option, rankings-wise.  Problem is-- I am extremely liberal.  Will I be turned off by the conservative air?  I am interested in public interest, and like the ND view on ethics and morality, but quite frankly,  I am not Catholic, and disagree with many facets and tenets of the religion.  Will I be completely unhappy?  I guess I am asking if people know how much religion is incorporated into life at ND.
And, yes, I am going to visit.  And I do love Madison, but people continuously tell me to go to the best school.  I have also been accepted to other schools around the country (same range-- Wash U, Emory, a couple others), but I think I would like to stay near Chicago.

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