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I don't know what to really feel anymore or if I even have any hope after this process. I just feel so beat up and frustrated...but more sad than anything. I just know how hard I have worked and I am sure I am not the only one, but I feel that law schools just really don't understand that. I always feel like I never get rewarded for hard work...hehe this is such a pity party...It just sucks...for example I still want to go to Columbia even though I have already been rejected...will I ever get over this or go to Hastings always wondering why I am there and not somewhere else? I know I will get a good education I just feel so damn pathetic...I feel like a failure not being admitted to my dream is high school all over again, but Berkeley was a great back up and it turned out to be the best experience of my life...However I just dont see it happening this time...sigh..........sorry this is such a whiny test just really makes or breaks your future, wish they told me that I would have practiced for 4 years and just sat on my a$$ instead of doing all the leadership and service work I did thinking that would help at all or working really hard to get A's in class....oh well I guess what can I do...Just wanted to I come hastings woopty f*cking doo..too bad I rejected a job that paid 60k starting should have just done that and applied again ahhh here is to hoping the next 3 years don't completely suck  :-\

J28calblue-- yes, I do feel the same way, and I have posted on here before and found many sympathetic ears.  However, any amount of commiseration is not going to make you feel better until you are comfortable with your situation.  Many people, in fact, most people (including me) didn't get into their dream schools.  There may seem like a lot of cinderellas on here, but in reality most of us are in your shoes.  I have received a lot of advice, most of it comes down to:  be proud of your accomplishments, you will be happy, you already are successful (you are going to Hastings!), and stop comparing yourself to others (ie stay off this board, LSN, xoxohth, etc).  One comment in particular stood out to me (and I think it is relevant to you as well): every time you think, "oh what if I had scored 5 points higher on the LSAT, I was practicing higher, I could have gone to a 'better' school," you should simultaneously be thankful that you didn't score 5 points lower.  In that hypothetical, you wouldn't have made Hastings.  So, mourn over Columbia for awhile.  Than start to get excited about Hastings.  If you hate it, transfer, but I don't think you will.
PM if you want to chat.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Any Chem Engineers out there?
« on: March 24, 2005, 07:03:23 AM »
Im deciding between Emory, UGA and Tulane w/$$. Eventually I'd like to do in-house for a dow or dupont but that usually requires experience. What are your other choices besides catholic? Where did you go undergrad?

I graduated from MIT in 2002 and have been working for a membrane manufacturer since then.  (Part of the reason I chose ChemE was to be able to get a job in science/engineering with my B.S. and then decide what to do about higher degrees once I'd gained some experience.)  Are you in Georgia now (I'm guessing from your school list)?

For other choices besides Catholic, I would have to apply again next year.  It's a long story, but after I turned in two applications I ended up deciding NOT to go to law school, mainly for family reasons.  But I didn't withdraw my applications because I thought that would really be a waste, I might as well find out who (of the two) would accept me.  GULC dinged me -- 3.3 / 164, should have taken a prep course probably.  Anyway, early this month Catholic sent me a scholarship offer that my husband and I felt I couldn't refuse.  And since I was only looking at DC schools (and UMd), can't take on a lot of debt, and the community at Catholic really appeals to me, I think (hope) I'll be very happy there.

Whew!  Sorry to run on.

I think you should be in great shape with your top notch technical degree, since that counts equally as reputation in hiring practices. (at least im told). Do you know any one in law school currently with our background?

DC is okay i suppose. I live there now and like it, but i refuse to settle down there. Im headed south where life makes more sense.

164 is pretty good..its what i got and i was pretty happy with it. =]

Don't worry too much about it now, I am sure you will be able to find employment.  My point was just that it really is not as easy as it would seem given the statistics.  Most people don't land a job on their first interview or resume.  It takes lots of time and work (and usually networking and some schmoozing).  I just sometimes beleive (reading these posts) that people think that once you are in law school, jobs fall in your lap.  Unfortunately, from waht I have seen, the truth is on the contrary.  Just put in some effort, and obviously you will, and everything will be fine.

I do wish everyone luck, but I must say that things have not been fantastic on my end.  I applied late (think late January), and I have received 4 waitlists in the past week.  Two of them (according to LSN, chaisu) I statistically could have been accepted to (and people like me were earliere in the cycle).  The other two were a toss up. 
Not trying to rain on anyone's parade, just giving you my info.  I think a lot of us will get off waitlists this year. 

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Chicago-Kent Honors Ding
« on: March 23, 2005, 05:36:15 AM »
I did not even make it to the interview round for the Chicago-Kent Honors program.  (considering my less-than-stellar- GPA I'm not too surprised)

All I can say is that this makes me even more thankful I got into NU!

In the same letter they told me I was accepted to the regular Chicago-Kent program with $15k the first year and then $10,000k for subsequent years (subject to maintaining a 3.25 GPA.)

I have the same numbers as you, and I *really* want to go to NU.... can you tell me if you did anything special (ie extra recs, special work experience, incredible interview, etc) that might have helped you in the admissions process?  According to LSN, most people around us numbers-wise are getting WLed, so I was just curious....

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Wait Out the Cycle or Reapply?
« on: March 22, 2005, 08:02:32 AM »
I'm looking for some input from a more diverse range of perspectives.  Any comments are welcome!

Atticus-- I am in a similar position to you.  My numbers are 3.25/169, and I applied really late in the cycle: Anywhere from mid January to late February (I was getting scared).  I have thought about this quiestion more than a healthy person should, and in the past couple of weeks I am becoming more comfortable with my answer.  I will attend school this fall, most likely BC.
Here are a the things that I thought: I am 2 years out of school.  I know I am not over the hill, but I am happier knowing I will graduate at 27 than 28 (this may be bcause I am female-- girls don't flame me).  Also, there is no guarantee that I would get into the top-top schools.  I didn't even apply to Cornell or UVa this go around, so I don't know if I would have been rejected, waitlisted, etc. 
Also, and primarily, I found myself being brainwashed by the people on the board and xoxo and LSN.  Life isn't T14 or die.  There are thousands of respectable schools outside of the top 14, and attorneys can (and do!) have successful and lucrative careers, and happy lives, with degrees from schools with a lower USNWR ranking.  I was accepted to schools that had good academics, fantastic reputations, amazing starting salaries, and where I felt comfortable.  And I am happy.  Sure, there are some days where my mind wanders to "what if".  And it sure would be cool to say, "I go to Michigan Law".  But if that was the ONLY reason I would wait another year, unhappy in my current job and going through another 6 waiting game, then it is not worth this again.
I wish you luck in the future, no matter what your final decision is.       

I don't remember getting anything in the mail about an admitted student's day. :(  Oh, well.  I plan on visiting sometime in April anyways.  Did anyone get a chance to check out the housing options?  Any reasonably priced apartments that aren't totally run down?

Likewise, I was really dissappointed with BU.  And growing up in Boston, I know that a degree from BC is more highly regarded (at least locally).  It has been a tough decision, but I am really happy that I am finally making one.  BC, here I come....

I got a scholarship for in-state students: 5k/year, need to maintain satisfactory academic progress and remain a full time student. Since I'm in-state this amounts to around half-tuition. The letter is dated march 11. I was hoping that wisconsin would play ball with me and try and keep me here with a full scholarship offer at least. I'm not ungrateful but without a big offer it's hard for me to consider them given my other option right now, which is NYU.

Hmmm... I have 169/ 3.25 and I haven't heard anything, so I assume I get nothing.  That is stinky, because with a couple thousand bucks I would have loved to go to Madison (I am out of state).

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Vanderbilt: Admitted Students Day
« on: March 21, 2005, 08:17:58 AM »
I got 14k/year and I'm at the median too.  Anyway, I just got back home and thought I'd give my impressions.  First off, I was lucky...I had a really great host and had fun with him and his friends as they showed me around the city and we went out at night etc.  They also were completely honest with me about where they were in the class and they were all very happy there.  I asked one of the people who set up the host thing if it was done by grades, and they said no, but I found all the hosts I spoke with, including my own, was at the very least top 1/3-top 1/4 of the class.  Some were dean's list which is top 20% and obviously when you have great options, you tend to like a school much more.  Three or four of the five I spoke with had paying firm jobs for 1L summer, but I know my host worked at that firm the year before starting law school, so he had a connection.  Don't know about the others.

I found the students seemed pretty happy and not overly stressed or anything, though as with most places they work a lot and exam time is usually a solid 12-15 hours of studying each day.  For comparison, the students I met at BC/BU seemed to have more doubts about various aspects of the school than did the kids I met at vandy.  There were also fewer kids playing solitaire/AIM than in the class I attended at BU, for whatever that's worth.

The two professors we saw were nice and didn't grill the students or anything of the sort.  The current 1L class is divided into 3 sections b/c it's so big, and my host's is apparently known as the friendlist and least competitive, and I'm sure that's part of the reason I had such a great impression of the place.  On another note, and this worries me a little which is why I'm going to admit weekend, this is the 3rd school I've visited, and the 3rd school that when I mention GW I get the same response that the student body isn't very friendly and pretty uptight.  A quick note that I thought was interesting, apparently GW doesn't have room for all its students in some of the classes and kids sit on the floor.  I got this from my host's roommate who had to choose between the two, and also visited both last year.  There were a bunch of us there who have narrowed our choices down to vandy or GW and are attending both admit student weekends.  I think Candide and I are the only two from the board though. 

Overall impression: I liked the students, liked the faculty, and liked the facilities.  They've also given me more than twice as much money as GW gave me.  On the other hand, GW is still in DC and I really like DC, so in the end I'm still currently undecided.  I really like vandy as a school and would go in a minute if I wasn't so unsure about nashville.  I wasn't able to get a good feel for whether or not I'd like nashville as a place to live, not that I expected to in just 2 days.  I unfortunately wasn't able to find someone who had moved from somewhere like NYC/Chicago/DC to nashville and get their opinion, and that's part of what I'm looking for.

If you have specific questions please feel free to ask. 


If anyone has heard about adjustment from Northern/ Eastern ways of life to Nashville, please advise.

Choosing the Right Law School / nd, bc, wustl, vandy, gw
« on: March 21, 2005, 07:11:56 AM »
Anybody else facing similar decisions?

Where is everyone leaning? 

Any advice for me?  I loved WUSTL, and they gave me a small scholarship (8k/ yr).  Vandy has a good enviornmental law program, but I heard it is snobby (I do not do well with snobs)-- I didn't visit, though (but I have been to Nashville, and I like the city).  I really liked BC, it seems uncompetitive and I am from Boston.  ND is close to Chicago, which is where my BF is (who I love and will remain in a relationship with regardless of where I matriculate).  I am leaning FAR away from GW, but people on this board seem to love it. 
I want to hear opinions from everyone else (for your own decision, and mine if you feel like it).


I also got the distinct sense that Wash U had a "work-hard, party-hard" ethic. At the Friday happy hour, which was held in the quad of the main building, I saw the students and at least 25 faculty members and administrators over the course of the hour and a half tap 4 kegs and put a huge dent in two cases of Sapporo beer (the happy hour was sponsored by the Asian Law Students Society) and a table full of wine and hard liquor. There was a DJ outside (from the school radio station, but a DJ nonetheless) and a karaoke set-up inside. Frankly, it was awesome, and everyone said that it was pretty much the way it was every week.


I hesitate to say this (and I'll be less hesitant once the new rankings come out, hopefully):  I THINK I'M SOLD!   :) :) :) :) :) 

Agreed-- I also loved it there this past weekend.  Everyone seemed responsible, laid back, and the building is gorgeous.  The other admited students were really cool, too, save the typical admit-day gunner. 
I am so confused now!

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