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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: BC open house
« on: April 03, 2005, 07:32:10 AM »
Anymore info?  I couldn't make it because Texas-Boston flights are outrageous.

Have you guys gotten scholarship offers?  I'm trying to gage mine, and my chances of asking for any more (16.5k / yr).


Ditto to everything.  I would definitely have a car.  I REALLY liked the atmosphere and the students that I met were really happy and well adjusted.  I met up with some acquantences of mine before hand to get the 'dirt' and suprisingly, there really wasn't any.  Everyone was content and nicely employed for the summer. 
Living situation-wise, I was really concerned about housing (not cost, but the distance).  The students kind of looked at me funny.  Undergrad is over, people go home after school, to the other life that they have (and should have), and it is a welcome relief after studying.... all schools are like this.
The other thing that I noticed (and liked) was that people seem a bit older than other schools (noticably so versus BU).  And they told the truth, good and bad, about the school.

To Kyle-- I would be very happy with that reward.  I am 169/ 3.25 and I got nothing, but I most likely will be there in August.

Choosing the Right Law School / BC open house
« on: April 02, 2005, 02:15:21 PM »
What did everyone think???

According to LSN. 
It makes me sad to think that because I submitted my application late (I took the LSAT in December), my applicatin probably won't be read thoroughly. 
If they aren't going to consider late applications, than why the late deadline?  I think that law schools would just make the deadlines January 1, and then start the decision process.

I know, I know, I should have submitted earlier, but I didn't, so let me whine, okay?

Consider me to be the most jealous girl in the world.

Congratulations!  Maybe you will see me as a 2L transfer :) .

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Notre Dame Housing
« on: March 29, 2005, 11:31:55 AM »
I checked out the classifieds in the South Bend newspaper. On-campus doesn't allow pets, and I didn't get to look around much. If everything works out like I think it will I will have to make another trip up there to look for housing. How about roomates? Anyone know how to go about meeting someone and being like "um, want to live with me?"  ;)

jaburk-- you have to change your signature-- it still says you are waitlisted at Notre Dame!

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Wash U.
« on: March 29, 2005, 06:59:48 AM »
Actually WUSTL places rather well in NYC, the second highest city as a matter of fact. The other popular cities of placement are DC, Chicago and Atlanta. If you are set on NYC go to Fordham. If you want greater flexibility go to WUSTL.

Yeah, WUSTL definitely gives me more flexibility in terms of location. On paper (unless Fordham comes up with lots of need-based aid), it really shouldn't be a close call, but I have an emotional tie to the idea of living in NYC. Plus, and maybe this is the anti-WUSTL negativity seeping through, I am a little concerned that what I saw in St. Louis is hype rather than reality, whereas I know what I am getting with Fordham.

Any thoughts?


I know what you mean about the "hype", but I have talked to students, and they do seem about as happy as law students get.  If you love NYC, go to Fordham.  St. Louis is nothing like New York, and if you really want that atmosphere, I wouldn't try and substitute.

I really liked Wash U.  The fact that they dropped 4 spots in the rankings does not effect me or my decision at all.  If you look at historical rankings, schools between 20 and 30 shuffle constantly, and it really doesn't matter a whole lot.


Hey all of you cuties:

I won't be able to go to BC admitted students day due to financial issues.  So please make sure to report back with all the goodies and poopies that occur at BC to help paint a better picture for the rest of us!  I will try to visit BC when I go to New York to Cardozo's admitted students day (because they're giving me 400 bucks WHOOPIE.)  I'll get on an Amtrak and spend a day in BC or something.  Haha, hopefully someone will house me!  So be sure to take good notes and tell us everything!

moo cow: you have a boyfriend! gay people are so cute.

Sure-- we will let you know what it was like.  I just spoke with a friend who is a 2L there and she said that they were really trying to impress us this year (as they probably know this is a make or break year).

For Moo Cow-- I just quickly ran a nalp search about on campus interviewing.  BC beats out Wash U big time (261 employers to 102)-- if I did the search correctly!  That is a huge difference.  If I knew for sure that I wanted to be in Boston, I wouldn't think twice....

hey guys, so to respond to everyone: 

funny funny- oops... it is on the 1st!  i changed the subject to reflect that. 

karita- the rankings situation doesn't really bother me at all.  BC is a really respected school; people who went there work at top firms all over the country and "those in the know" consider it a super solid place to earn a JD.  to quote a well-known wall street economist/theoretician, "if a BC grad were to become a supreme court justice nobody would think twice about it."  and also, didn't bc go up two points in the rankings??  i speculate they'll keep moving up to their old position. 

miller- as of now i'm leaning a  little towards wash u over bc, but this may quickly change on the 1st.  the reasons are that wash u has a beautiful campus, happy students, a solid philosophy department (i'm thinking of a joint degree), a great reputation and a happy hour with the professors every friday (i'm not so much interested in the happy hour itself, but rather in what it indicates about the campus atmosphere).  also, wash u offered me money which definitely helps.  see you guys on the 1st!!!  :)   

I have visited BC, and I really do like it there, however the law school is far removed from the main BC campus and is NOT surrounded by anything remotely social (ie-- no bars, coffee shops, restaurants, etc).  You either need to take a shuttle down to the main campus (and subsequent public transportation) or you really need a car.

I also got money at WUSTL (none from BC), and I REALLY liked the atmosphere down there.  I have significant ties to both Boston and Chicago (my family and my boyfriend, respectively) so my decision is quite hard.

i'll be there!!!  :)

I am going, too!
Are either of you nervous about the rankings situation??

If some of you decide against WI, can you send some good vibes for me to get your spot?  I am HATING the wait on a decision.  Since I am in state and have a SO with a good job here, I would love to get in! ::)

HippieLawChick-- I called the admissions office yesterday and it seems that the jury is still out on a out-of-state scholarship for me.  If I don't hear by next Friday, I will probably withdraw, in which case I will send ALL of the vibes your way.  :)

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