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Dawn youre making soap like Tyler from Fight Club now? Impressive . . .

I'm frugal, what can I say  ;) ;D

I think this thread is great.

Have a question- What do you use on pimples? Any advice would be great.

Thanks in advance. :)

Ditto on all of the advice mentioned above. may want to take a look at your diet. The health and appearance of my skin directly correlates to the kinds of foods I eat.  When I slip up and eat too many greasy/fried foods, I get pimples and also may have bouts of oil slicks, lol.

I also notice healthier skin when I work out regularly and work up a good sweat.  Flushes those impurities right on out!

Viva La Healthy Skin!

Hey ladies what kind of soap do you bathe with? Camay?

Dr. Bronner's Castille Soap in either Peppermint or Lavendar.  I also sometimes use (authentic) African black soap.

The Peppermint makes me feel so C L E A N. I love it too, on the expensive side though.

I feel you on the expense...I buy a separate container and dilute the soap with water..pretty much double the quantity.  The diluted version works just as well...and lasts much much longer.  Try it out sis.

Hey ladies what kind of soap do you bathe with? Camay?

Dr. Bronner's Castille Soap in either Peppermint or Lavendar.  I also sometimes use (authentic) African black soap.

Yale acceptance by phone today!!

Congratulations to you! 

Oh no doubt.

You should not being going to Touro. Period. And with your stats, you should not be going to Hofstra either without a full-ride. I don't know if you realize how great your stats are! But I truly admire your commitment to your mother, that's beautiful. And wipe any doubt out of your mind, Hofstra would be crazy not only not admitting you, but not admitting you with a full scholarship. Keep us posted!

Sis...thank you so much for lookin out.  I sincerely appreciate and will keep you posted.

Shea Butter is the key to beautiful skin. I use it every day and it keeps my skin nice and soft.

Ditto!  My daily skin care regimen includes cleansing with authentic African black soap and witch hazel and then round it out by moisturizing with pure, raw shea butter.

Anyone else interested in all-natural hair and body care products can also check out this sister's site...I use most of her products and am a fan for life...

Might as well get in on the fun!

My work is more abstract in nature, lol.


Hi Dawn. I sympathize with your situation, however, I was wondering if it would be possible for you to commute from LI to NYC? I know students that do the same thing and also have obligations at home in LI. I'm saying this only b/c your numbers are great, whereas you should be applying to the likes of Columbia, NYU, (and Fordham as a safety). Maybe even as a part-time student? You will undoubtedly be accepted to Hofstra, and it should be with a full-ride!

Best wishes.

Hey LadyDay  ;)

I agonized over which schools I would apply to.  I would have applied to NYU. Columbia and Fordham if I really thought I would be able to handle the commute into the city, as I intend to go to school full time.

I know I would hate the commute into the city.  I love to shoot out there for leisurely jaunts, but I know I am not down for it on the daily.  In addition, I need to be here for my mother and I'll also be doing some consulting/contract work on the Island to keep money in the bank so it really would be better for me to be here on LI.

And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some money from Hofstra, or even Touro for that matter.  A sistah is hoping not to add too much to her debt from undergrad and grad school, lol.

Thanks for taking the time to give some encouragement!

Edited because I addressed you incorrectly, my bad  ;)

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to check in and say hello  :)  I'm a social worker from NY and currently work with the homeless.  In my other life I am a ceramic and stained glass artist.  I won't bore you with the other stuff  ;)

I tend to be somewhat reticent on the boards until I am lured from lurkdom  (and that could be for any number of reasons) ;)

Happy to be here  ;D


Welcome Dawn. Which part of NY are you from?

Whats with new lsd posters with names having to do with the time of day? Theres another newbie called Daybreak. I think its sweet.

Hi Victor,

I am from Long Island...Brentwood to be exact. 

My first name is Dawn...I was creatively tapped when I was choosing a screen name for this forum, lol.  And I was born at night, go figure, lol.

And thank for the welcome, glad to be here.

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