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Where should I go next fall? / Re: 2006 US News Rankings
« on: March 09, 2005, 07:56:36 PM »
"even my maid"? Come on either be a jerk or be a snob, don't be both.

I went to a college in England that no one in America is likely to have even heard of and was an art history major and my acceptances, holds, were right what they should have been really for my GPA and LSAT.  So I can't see that it's made any difference whatsoever.  I'm sure it helps if you went to an ivy league, but besides that it all seems about equal.

There's a couple things I've heard about Lewis & Clark.  First off if you want to go into Environmental law you can't do much better, and I think that program account for a lot of their ranking.  However it seems pretty mixed if you're not going into environmental, although I could be wrong about this.  Also something like 40% of the class is already married and I believe there is a pretty high number of older students, so this may or may not appeal to you.  I'm 22 and single, so it was a really killing point for me.  Also I read somewhere that Portland law firms don't hire a lot from lewis & clark, preferring to hire from big east coast schools, this was really surprising to me, I don't know how good your job prospects are outside of Portland, they may be good, but it doesn't look like you'll get anything in the area.  Again these are just things I've heard/read so don't shoot me if they aren't totally accurate.  It is dirt cheap though to live right next to lots of hiking and a big city and for some people that would be perfect.

Really American?  Everyone seems to bash is so much, that I don't know what to think of it.  I'd like to be in CA, but am willing to consider other options.  I used to live in NJ and hated it, but I like DC just not the commute and cost.  I also like Boston, but it's so damn cold.  I keep going to and seeing what the temp is in boston and DC and it's like dear god.


This website will tell you how much you'll have to pay each month and for how many years on your potential student loans.

It will also tell you how much you'll need to make per year to be able to comfortably pay it off.

For example, if I take Washington & Lee's tuition, multiply it by 3, then take their esetimated room/board/books/fees/etc... and multiply that by 3, then subtract my savings and a presumed $17,000 from a summer externship, I will owe $1,014 per month for 10 years.  I will have paid $27,181 in interest, and will need to make $121,726 per year to comfortably pay it off.

This is scary. 

I'd need $147,000/year to pay off going to Vanderbilt comfortably, even scarier.

Oh dear god, why did you have to post that.  Mine is terrifying and I have a sizable amount of money in saving to counteract it.  Dear god.  I'll have to make like 150K a year.  Can't you generally get a lower interest rate though?  I've never had student loans before so I don't know what the rate might be.

AllisonAzee-  Relax, you're in a great spot to be in!  Didn't you get into GW though?  If I was in the enviable spot of choosing between those 3 schools, I'd go with GW in a heartbeat ;)

Actually, no, it's kind of embaressing actually.  I got all confused with that post and though GW was referring to Washington Law School at American.  All these synonyms everyone uses gets a little confusing.  I never even applied to George Washington, but now I sort of wish I did.  I basically concentrated on CA schools and just applied to a few other schools here and there and didn't really do a lot of research on them.  So yeah basically I'm an idiot, no GW for me.

Normally, I would say that American is the clear choice.  However, after seeing these statistics, I'm not so sure:

Employed after 9 mos: NE - 95.7 Amer - 86.2

Median starting salary, public interest: NE - $42k. Amer - $42.5k.

Average indebtedness at graduation: NE - $77,680. Amer - $89, 584

It seems that despite the school's ranking, the co-op program does give a signicant advantage to NE students in getting a job.  If you're set on public interest work (which the OP isn't, but someone else considering these 2 schools might be), the difference in PI salaries seems negligible.  Considering the COL btw the schools, tuition, and debt, American may not necessarily be a huge cost-advantage vs. potential earnings for every student either.

AllisonAzee- the students at NE are much more liberal/radical than American.

Really? I knew they were pretty liberal, but everyone seems to be calling American the most liberal school in the country, but they may be referring to the faculty.

Yeah according to NE, like 40% or students get their first job from one of the places they co-oped at so that's pretty significant.  Also those starting salaries are really skewed because a lot of students from both schools going into public interest by choice and no one gets high salaries there.  I'm guessing that people who go into private practice have fairly comparable starting salaries to other schools.

I swear every day I swing to another school as my first choice, I can't make a decision!!!

I can't remember about NE, but American is most certainly not 37% female - check USNEWS, it is the other way around, man!

Yeah I was thinking that too.  Both schools I believe are the other way around, both close to 2/3 female, although I guess NE is improving slightly.  Yet another reason I sort of hesitate with both schools, of course I'm a girl, so the guys are probably all over those stats.

Ok I guess I'm not the only one then.  Still don't know why they don't hurry up.  U of San Diego isn't really one of my top choices, but I would definitely give it a visit if I got in.  I'm visiting American and Northeastern on the weekend of April 1st which will be too late for U of San Diego if that's the deadline I'm given, oh well seems like a bad strategy for the school to send everything out so late.  Doesn't give you much time to really consider it.

Reading the other seems like the tactful way is to email the law school admissions office to let them know you are considering other offers?  Thanks for the input...I'm also waiting on the fin aid letter from UC Hastings...but I really would like to stay in soCal  :)  Does institution prestige matter as much in the public interest field?  The reason I want to stay south other than great weather, closer to family, etc. is the many APIA-interest organizations in the LA area at least...

also you should write to loyola before they offer anything and let them know what your deal is. you got into hastings? hastings has the strongest rep of all those schools, as i am sure you know, but because they are state probably wont offer much money. i think they have a very modest limit, actually.

i have never been to usd, but i have been to loyola. it is a school i am considering, too, but it does lack a collegiate feel, which i would miss. but still the little campus feels never spacious. totally like loyola law high school.

Haha that's totally what I thought when I visited.  It totally reminded me of my high school, but then again I liked my high school so maybe that's not a horrible thing.  Yeah I'm really mixed on Loyola, I like everything it can do for me, but the location is pretty horrible.  Not to mention the commute if you want to live anywhere safe, which I do.  When I went on the tour I was told that Loyola has more alumni who are partners in LA law firms than USC or UCLA, so the job prospects are good especially for its rank.

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