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Reviews, Visits, and Rankings / Re: Loyola - Los Angeles
« on: March 12, 2005, 07:38:25 PM »
Imagine if Loyola was on the main LMU campus...

The LMU girls, the view of the WHOLE westside panorama, easy access to Hermosa bars, a block from the only Home Depot in the area, the best college gym west of the Mississippi, LMU girls...drool

on a clear day you could almost see the ucla law school...drool :o

seriously though, where better to go to school than playa del rey. oh my god. downtown is poo. good thing my apartment is in west la

oh! which reminds me- if i decide to go to loyola, or get into usc/ucla i have an AWESOME 2 bedroom house w/ lawn (huge bathroom and kitchen) that is only $1025 a month TOTAL! i will need a roommate!

Haha if I end up at Loyola, I'm in!

I really really need to get off these discussion boards I just move farther and farther away from a decision, now I'm back to considering Pepperdine.  From 3 to 4, damn, I'm supposed to be moving in the other direction.

God when I visited Loyola I literally rolled out of bed and put on my flip flops and a sweatshirt.  It was also pouring and I'd forgotten an umbrella.  Everyone else had gone all out.  The most dressed down person besides me was a girl in a blazer, jeans and heels.  But I didn't care I had already been accepted and the rest of my group was so uptight it kind of turned me off the school.  They were probably nervous though.  I don't know I think if you're in it doesn't really matter, I mean the students weren't any better dressed than me.  But if you need to make a good impression I probably wouldn't go with the suit as it's a bit over the top unless you're going to an actual interview, but dress as nice as you can without it being obvious you got dressed up.

Ok I have to admit that is way better than I thought Pepperdine was capable of.  So what's up with the big jump over the past two years?  I have to admit I god into Pepperdine, loved the school (well it's in Malibu who wouldn't), but sort of rid it off because of the bad bar passage rate and overall bad rep it seems to get.  Does this mean the school is getting better or is it pretty much meaningless?

No that sounds about right for Pepperdine.  I know someone's admission status went from wait list to in with a call from grandma.  It's a private catholic school with A LOT of connections.  Despite their darn bar passage rate they have a really good employment (well depending what you look at).

That's funny...Pepperdine's bar passage rate for July 04 was higher than Loyola's by 7 percentage points, and higher than USD's by 4.  Hastings beat all 3 soundly. 

Ok according to US News and World Reports (which I know we all hate with a passion, but I am assuming is correct) Bar passages rates:  Pepperdine 60.8%, Loyola 68.3% (I admit I thought it was higher than that) USD: 72.9% 

Acceptances / Re: American
« on: March 10, 2005, 08:46:01 PM »
Sorry if this has been asked 800 times, but how does American inform applicants of an acceptance? 

I'm also interested on any thoughts on American vs. Case Western for international law...

I got a big envelope with tons of stuff.

I am in the same boat as you, edworld.  But for me, American is the school I had made up my mind was best for me.  While I haven't yet been admitted at AU, I just got in to Iowa this week.  I am torn between attending a top 25 in an area of the country I'm totally unfamiliar with, or going to a good school ranked signifcantly lower but in the city in which I have plans to practice law.  If anyone has any specific advice for me, I'd welcome it.

I think if you absolutely want to practice in DC then you need to be in DC.  If you're a little more open then the other school might be better, but you'd still have to be open to living in that part the country because there is a pretty good chance you'll be there for the next 5 to 10 years.  Also if you go to American and do really well you might consider transferring to GW or Georgetown, just an idea.

I'd take a year off in a hearbeat and reapply.  Get some more work experience and you'll be in a totally different league.  My story is slightly different from yours, I got rejected of waitlisted (and eventually rejected) everywhere last year.  I could have gone to really really TTT with rolling admission possibly, but decided against it.  This year not much has changed (I retook the LSAT and went up 1 point woohoo!) and I've gotten into everywhere except my 1st choice (screw you Hastings, ok I did get deferred two places, but I didn't want to go there anyway).  I say reapply next year and apply to a TON of schools, schools view, weigh, etc multiple LSAT tons of different ways and I'm guessing a lot of what they actually weigh they don't make public.  I think you'll be way happier in the long run and impressed where you eventually get in, I was thrilled.

Question about the bar: if I go to NE and would like to work in Boston and NY, then I would have to take 2 state bars. But if I go to American, then I will only have to take the NY bar and can waive into the DC this true?

miguel - thanks a lot for your post, rank is a concern for me, but less now that I realize 56->77 might not be that much...well especially after NE might rise in the next few years.

allison - I've lived in NJ my entire life, and really want to get out. I was set on SoCal for law school last year, but now I realize how unlikely it is that I would ever return, so I don't want to go to law school out there. I check the weather every day as well, but here's a tip, check out it is really more accurate!

I'm going to try and attend the admitted day for American, and the Boston the next day. I just don't know how I'm going to get from one place to the other...or I might go to American earlier...

Any other comments would be great!

Hey I'm going to both on the 1st and 2nd, I think I'll be half alive though by the end of it.  Taking the redeye the night before to DC and then flying out at like 8 that night to Boston.  Luckily I'm already admitted at both because I don't think I'm going to be too friendly or look too good.

No that sounds about right for Pepperdine.  I know someone's admission status went from wait list to in with a call from grandma.  It's a private catholic school with A LOT of connections.  Despite their crap bar passage rate they have a really good employment (well depending what you look at).

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