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Anyone in Milwaukee need a job? 


Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / Re: Spouses and Law School
« on: February 26, 2005, 12:27:51 PM »
Wow - great thread!

My SO is an art teacher who is currently not working as one b/c of budget cuts.  He is in a job he doesn't like and we are desperately hoping he finds a teaching job when we move for me to go to law school.  If he doesn't, it will make life even harder for us.

He has been incredibly supportive (before we even moved in together, he told me he would follow me wherever I went - except for Utah), but I worry about what's going to happen when things get really stressful.  He is a very low key, mellow artist type and I am a high key, energetic, almost hyper person.  It has worked well so far, but it bugs me that he doesn't want to discuss the odds of me getting into this school vs. that one, etc. 

Tea's post was great and I am going to show him this thread so he can see that he won't be alone.  As a matter of fact, as soon as I get accepted and make a final decision on a school, I am going to contact the school and start a group for the spouses. 

Good luck to all of you!

To return back to the original question: Yes, I am tired of hearing that law school is going to suck.  I honestly don't see how it could suck worse than working 50 hours a week and going to school part time while chairing a statewide voter reg. effort. 

Not having to work and just being able to immerse myself in something I have a passion for sounds like pure liquified JOY to me!  I can't wait! :)

Thanks for the support! Just gotta keep on truckin' toward the future!

Good luck to both of you too!

Many applications ask this question directly.  I think that the schools feel guilty for admitting so many "legacy" students in the past and are trying to let people like us in as a public service.  If you get a "thumb on the scale" for being a URM, you should certainly get one for being the first person in your family to graduate college.  I have a friend who got into a top 5 school with low LSAT for the URM, but her grandfather was a doctor, her parents both had college degrees and she has a trust fund!  She says she feels like she wouldn't have gotten in otherwise and she isn't happy about that. 

I think that it's a lot harder to go to college when your family has no clue what you are getting into and even more difficult to go to LS. 

I am sorry, but I just can't believe that so many people seem to have zero confidence in their own abilities to write a decent personal statement and that some of the ridiculous "movie script" style statements worked. 

I read some of the ones on those sites and nearly gagged. You aren't trying to get into a creative writing program, you are trying to get into law school where making assertions that you support with evidence and legal citations win cases - not bull.

Sorry, just venting.  I had no idea that getting into school was going to be another racket where those who can afford it get ahead. 

Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / Re: Reality vs Fantasy
« on: February 22, 2005, 08:41:30 PM »
My SO and I want kids, but we aren't getting married until after law school on purpose so I won't be tempted.  Dealing with a baby is grueling (my sis has a 2 year old), and I want to do really well.  I would advise against it!

I am a paralegal/office manager. 

Kinda funny: We are hiring for an entry level BK paralegal right now and I can't find anyone.  (Salary is entry level, which may be the problem...also that those with literally NO experience/specific paralegal education think that they can walk in and do the job.  It's not easy, but has been great for me.  I function as basically a firm manager (I was there when the owner started the firm), so my job rocks.

I also think that we have a leg up when we actually graduate from school....we already know how to work the fax machine.  (Believe it or not, many lawyers right out of school have no clue!)

Here's a very long story:

I am viewed as "non-traditional" probably b/c of my age.(33)  Also non-traditional for odd life experience.  Here is the deal...not all of it ended up in my personal statement...

First person in my family (the whole thing) to even go to college>parents had no $ and told me to go to lousy public university>worked multitude of crappy jobs to pay for school>tired>lousy grades>nice boyfriend started drinking suddenly one night when I was 20 and beat the &%^$ out of me>jumped out of moving car to escape when he refused to take me to hospital (broke most of my face, none of my spirit)>crazy now ex-boyfriend stalked me for years (I thought the one beating was enough, don't you?)>couldn't take pressure of trying to work while switching jobs/apartments to avoid crazy man>dropped out of school.

Fast forward 3 years...

Got AAS (Paralegal studies) 3.75 GPA and lots of honors>Started thinking school wasn't that hard once I was able to get some loans to pay for it>got paralegal job>that firm closed>crazy stalker kills an old lady and goes to prison for life (if only the DA had listened to me 7 years earlier!)>good news is that I don't have to run from stalker anymore>talked an attorney in same field to give me job w/his start up firm>encouraged me to go back and get BA>great grades, but not enough to make up for bad ones before>great job, lots of responsibility>firm grows by 600% in revenue & staff/prestige during my tenure as essentially manager of business part>took LSAT, got 163. 

I want to be a lawyer b/c I truly felt like the DA mishandled my case when I was so horribly abused years ago.  Since I tried to fight him off and blackened his eye, she told me that he would press charges against me if I did against him (though my injuries took months to recover from), so I dropped it and didn't testify.  Had the system not been so flawed at the time (and had I had some type of advocate), my abuser could have gotten more jail time then and not ruined several years of my life and later murdered someone. 

Interesting stuff, huh?

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