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I am 33 now, will be 34 when I start LS.  Proud that I finally got to this point and VERY happy that there are others over 30 applying.  

It seems like more of us "older" students are posting here than the average for the applicant pool as a whole.

Non-Traditional Students / Re: Non-trad Feb. 2005 LSAT Call-Out
« on: March 08, 2005, 09:41:44 AM »
My LSAT still depresses me.  I have always scored in the top 3-4% on every standardized test I have taken.  My at home practices were in the 170 range.

I took Kaplan and my diagnostic was 163. My actual was 163. Even the teacher at Kaplan was upset about that.  It sucked!

Non-Traditional Students / Re: Why are you "Non Traditional"
« on: March 08, 2005, 09:30:18 AM »
Thanks Db Girl! That's my plan!

I too want to do "low bono" style law.....

Let start a firm in three years!


Most unhappy people are that way because they had unrealistic expectations about life in general.  They think because they are smart, that things are supposed to fall into their laps.  One of our attorneys, who makes less than I do is one of the happiest people I know.  He went to Marquette and didn't try very hard and is happy just to work and be able to do some of the things he really likes without being tied to our firm 80 hours a week (our lawyers work 50 on average).

I will definitely make less after LS than I do now, but I feel that making a contribution to society in a greater way than I do now will somewhat make up for it. 

Money does not make you happy. Experiences do.  Friends and family do.  Don't make this woman feel bad about her LSAT and grades...her dream is to go to law school. Realizing that dream will probably make her happier than you would ever think!


General board for soon-to-be 1Ls / Re: Pre-LS books
« on: March 06, 2005, 03:56:44 PM »
Without Strunk and White, our firm would have caught fire.  OK, that's not necessarily true, but I have used the book so much when editing briefs that the binding fell apart.  Great stuff!

The one thing that no one here has mentioned is critical:

If you have indeed turned your life around since these convictions, hire a really good lawyer and get some of them expunged.  You will have to go before a judge and provide evidence that society is best served by some of the convictions being removed.

My former coworker had some felonies expunged from his record by providing statements and testimony from former professors, our boss, and his pastory and the head of his volunteer organization that he was a changed man since his conviction and they took ALL of the felonies off his record.  He did the crimes at 19, expunged at 23.

You should definitely try this.

Denials / Re: How i will be responding to adcoms
« on: March 05, 2005, 11:08:59 AM »
How about this one:

My friends on the law school discussion forum have carefully examined my credentials and personal statement and have definitely determined that your decison to reject me was short-sighted at best.  Since they are experts in this area, I would encourage you to reverse your decision and admit me immediately. 



Denials / Re: Berkeley: No Dice
« on: March 05, 2005, 11:04:54 AM »
I honestly think that people like those posting here who have dedicated so much time and effort to this process are going to do very well in whatever school they get into. 

I am certain (barring intervention from the Pope and President) to get the shaft at Boalt too, but never fear, I shall make them regret that decision when I start a non-profit after law school that finds a "cure" for poverty and I become internationally famous! ;)

My boss is a Duke grad (15 years out).  He told me recently that when he got rejected from Duke, his MOTHER wrote them a letter saying "you made a mistake", and THEY LET HIM IN!

I don't know whether to believe this or not.  It sounds incredible.  However, the guy did have a 95th percentile LSAT.  (His GPA was only a 3.2 or something though)

I do think he deserved to go to Duke, the guy is super sharp and has built a firm from the ground up, but holy cow - a letter from MOM?


Denials / Re: Why do you all call rejections "dings"?
« on: March 05, 2005, 10:45:42 AM »
Staying with the dog thing (but also applicable to pool), why not call them scratches?  They hurt a bit, but don't require rabies shots!  LOL!

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