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I noticed on LSN that it seems like quite a few people have taken the LSAT more than once.  I am wondering if this is really as bad as my pre-law advisor, boss, coworkers, admissions officers that I have emailed, etc. have all said.

I want to hear from some people who got into top tier schools to see how many used this strategy. 

Still in nowhere.  Can someone please lie to me and tell me I will get in somewhere soon?  I knew it would be difficult with the late apps, but being on this site and seeing all the acceptances (none of which I have) is making me queasy.

Make fun of me if you must, but I really am at an all time low today.  When I came home and the only thing in the mailbox was a notice telling me I have to start paying back my undergrad loans next month, I just wanted to crawl in bed and not get out until someone accepts me.


Incoming 1Ls / I can't believe someone applied to 50 schools!
« on: March 23, 2005, 03:08:54 PM »
Sorry if this has been covered before, but have you all seen this?


Do you think this is a joke or is it for real?  If this is real, LSAC and the schools really need to do something about limiting the number of apps people fill out.  This guy is using up the resources of 50 schools adcomms and can ONLY ATTEND ONE SCHOOL!  He certainly can't really want to go to more than 10-15 of these. 

Unbelievable! :o

I know I got WL b/c my GPA was under their 25th %, but I was hoping the first school I heard from would at least be an acceptance!  Damn. 

Good news is that they made 46 offers off the waitlist last season.   

Bad news is that they were made from May through the first day of orientation!

I understand the sentiment in the other thread, but it can easily be solved by those who got into a ton of schools being courteous to the schools they are rejected (and their future colleagues) by withdrawing as soon as they know they won't be attending somewhere. 

Those that are just going to let the deposit deadline pass and not WD?  Yes - bubonic for them! ;)

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The lame pre-law advisor at my college told me to only apply to 6 schools.  Looking at the stats on LSN, it seems like people applied to a ton of schools. 

If you applied to more than 10 schools, why? Are you applying first and asking questions later?  Did you just apply to the top 15 or middle 20?  I am just wondering the merit of applying to 25 different schools.  I undertand this for applicants who are borderline (like me), but not for someone with a 3.9/175. 

All input is welcomed and appreciated. 

Mar 8, 2005 BOSTON (Reuters) - Harvard Business School said on Tuesday it is rejecting applications from 119 would-be students who it says hacked into a Web site to learn if they were accepted at the Ivy League university ahead of the official notification.

"This behavior is unethical at best a serious breach of trust that cannot be countered by rationalization," Kim Clark, dean of Harvard Business School, said in a statement.

"Any applicant found to have done so will not be admitted to this school."

Harvard said 119 applicants had hacked into Virginia-based ApplyYourself, a company that manages Web pages used by students to apply to roughly 300 different universities.

"We know that 119 applicants hacked into the system and we know their names," said Jim Aisner, a spokesman for Harvard Business School.

Aisner declined to comment on how many of the 119 applicants would have been accepted at the school had they not broken into the ApplyYourself Web site.

Harvard is one of several top-tier universities that use ApplyYourself to tell applicants if their applications were successful.

Last week, officials at the site said a computer hacker had helped applicants break into records at some of the most prestigious U.S. business schools to see if they were accepted weeks before official offers are made.

Copyright 2005 Reuters News Service. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistribu

Seems like some applied to 20 schools just because they were worried they wouldn't get in anywhere with a 170/3.9

NOw that all 20 accepted you, can ya WD from some to give the rest of us losers a chance? ;D

My boss is a Duke grad (15 years out).  He told me recently that when he got rejected from Duke, his MOTHER wrote them a letter saying "you made a mistake", and THEY LET HIM IN!

I don't know whether to believe this or not.  It sounds incredible.  However, the guy did have a 95th percentile LSAT.  (His GPA was only a 3.2 or something though)

I do think he deserved to go to Duke, the guy is super sharp and has built a firm from the ground up, but holy cow - a letter from MOM?


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