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Michigan ED is slightly easier, but not so much that a 162 LSAT would make the grade. UNC out of state is quite difficult without at least a 165ish+ (as compared to instate, where a 158/159 will often suffice) bear in mind it is 75% instate, so the out-of-state seats are at a premium. Look at Wake with your numbers for NC, its a good school, and cheap too.

incredible stretch no, but still something of a stretch. Bear in mind GW recieves more applications than any other law school each year.  PT is not that big a deal though, the majority of GW PT students switch over to fulltime, and you can graduate in 3 years no problem by taking classes at night during your first summer while you work.

UCLA, BC, ND, GW, UNC (out of state) Vandy are all quite unlikely with your LSAT, which is, to be honest, the most significant factor. Same for Michigan summer start. To be honest, you have to be at or above the median of a school to have a decent shot. Thats when your "other" factors come into play.

GW PT and GTown PT are possible, but you don't have a stellar shot.

Unless you are a minority, you definitely won't get into BC Emory or ND, and will probably have a tough time at Cardozo and UWash.

Wake Forest

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Admissions Consultants
« on: July 29, 2005, 03:48:43 PM »
Waste of your money.

Do not mention the practice tests. You will look incredibly naive, and they will not consider them at all.

I have to disagree re GWU: LSN shows less than 20 admits for a 163 LSAT, and you have to think that a number of those are for minority applicants.

Similarly, GWU's own website shows that for those in the OPs number range, 662 applied and only 206 were accepted.

yeah, you are right.

to OP: If the south is your thing (bc you are from KY),  also consider Wake, UGA, Bama as midrange schools with that LSAT.

What is a 4.4?
The 163 LSAT will make the following schools quite difficult: GWU, Vandy, WUSTL, BC, W and L
the following schools less difficult, but still pretty tough: William and Mary, ND
You should be in at UK and UF, and Emory if you apply early.

Tough to suggest schools without knowing where you are aiming to practice eventually.

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