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GW is excellent for IP and International Law in DC.. and the BLSA bond is tight

That's exciting cuz I like GW a lot.  Everyone I've talked to in the area has been pushing Howard heavy for the whole HBCU experience.

oh you have another week then. That's cool. Did you grow up in cali? The reason I'm asking is because myself and two other people on the board are from Cali. From what I know, I'm the only southern californian here LOL.

You could say I grew up in California.  I was back and forth between my grandparents in VA a lot, though.  Where in So. Cal are you?

Black Law Students / Re: The Guy's Thread
« on: February 22, 2005, 12:35:03 PM »

Seeing that there are only 2 responses to your poll, which one did you choose??

Yeah, I'm nosey  ;D

Hmmmmmm thinking.....

So Lexington, welcome to the board. What kind of law do you want to practice? DId you already meet the deadline b/c you said you are still applying. Anywhodiddle, good luck and don't stress.

I'm almost finished.  I've got some apps due on March 1.  I'm interested in international, intellectual property, and public interest law - so far.

When is the national convention? This is the first time I'm hearing about it.

I believe its Mar 30th through April 2nd. 

Hey, you're cute. Where are you applying?


I'm applying to *almost* all So. Cal and VA, MD, DC law schools.

Lex - Gettin an early jump eh?  Good stuff. I'm planning on rolling to Denver for the convention with or without my fellow classmates who are all BS'in right now.  Depending on if the school can give us some money there may be more than me there, but at the very least I'm planning on being there. So we may be in the same situation, rollin solo.

PS - welcome to the BLSD

Well, keep me posted... Maybe we can hook up and walk around lost together :-)

Black Law Students / Anyone attending NBLSA National Convention in Denver?
« on: February 22, 2005, 12:20:33 AM »
I'm new to the board so I guess I should start by introducing myself (not really up on board etiquette - sorry).  I'm applying (yes, still applying - not applied) to law school for fall 05.  I'm way behind schedule, I know.  I'm 25 and finally finishing up my last year of undergrad (Business Admin at a large state school)after taking 5 years off to work at a tech company.  I live in Cali, I'm single, and I have zero children.  I think that about sums it up, but I'd be happy to answer any specific questions offline :-)

This appears to be a very close knit group - I'm impressed.  Is anyone planning on attending the NBLSA convention in Denver?  I'm going solo and it would nice to network with some folks before I get there.

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