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I read an article saying there was 85% acceptance of legacy candidates for the class entering in 03...

I'm new to the board so I guess I should start by introducing myself (not really up on board etiquette - sorry).  I'm applying (yes, still applying - not applied) to law school for fall 05.  I'm way behind schedule, I know.  I'm 25 and finally finishing up my last year of undergrad (Business Admin at a large state school)after taking 5 years off to work at a tech company.  I live in Cali, I'm single, and I have zero children.  I think that about sums it up, but I'd be happy to answer any specific questions offline :-)

This appears to be a very close knit group - I'm impressed.  Is anyone planning on attending the NBLSA convention in Denver?  I'm going solo and it would nice to network with some folks before I get there.

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