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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: UF or UM?
« on: February 20, 2005, 08:22:52 AM »
I am a IL now at UF, and I had applied to (in order of preference) UF, FSU, Miami since and got into all of them.

While I really liked Miami, I could not justify the cost of living expenses and tuition rates (UF is a bargain compared to Miami).  Also it was much further away from my family and friends.  I applied to FSU just in case I didn't get into UF, but didn't really want to go there since it was further away.  Therefore, UF seemed like an obvious choice.  

However, I hated it in the beginning . . . I cried for a week.  I hated my apartment and I hated Gainesville.  Everything disgusted me so much that I couldn't eat properly for a couple weeks.  The traffic here is horrendous (don't even bother driving between 4:30-7:30 unless you want to have a mental breakdown) and it is a trashy, redneck, *&^%-hole town and don't let anyone tell you anthing different.  The only ones who like Gainesville are those who went to undergrad here and/or Greek kids who are too drunk to see for what it really is.

I took every opportunity to get out of Gainesville as much as possible during the weekends.  Also, I don't care what others say, for a small town, the people here are rude!  Professors aren't really very approachable (at least the ones I've had), and some of the administrative staff couldn't care less about the students.  Even the quality of service at restaurants here sucks compared to other places.  The cost of living here is lower, but since you get what you pay for, the quality of living is also lower here.

That said, I am happy to say that I am gradually adjusting here.  The students at UF are awesome; I really think I survived due to the people I met.  While it does have that high school, cliquish feel, most students find someone they like enough to hang out and connect with.  As mentioned before, you can't beat the tuition, so I've decided to suck it up, get tougher and get through the next couple years here.  Hope that helps.

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