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Yep, the LSAT is a critical factor.  Order the Actual LSATs from LSAC, and practice, practice, practice them.  You can raise your score substantially with practice.

Your major is fine, especially if you're thinking of patent law.  Firms LOVE people who can take the patent bar.  And the science background will be fine for law school itself -- law is a new way of thinking for everybody.

For the personal statement, it sounds like you've got great material to work with.  Law schools just want to see an interesting person with a genuine interest in becoming a lawyer.  So all you have to do is explain how much you enjoy your job and how you plan to use that experience in your career as a lawyer.  Providing a very brief explanation of why you dropped out of pharmacy school is a good idea, just so they don't get the wrong idea.

Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / Re: fuel my paranoia please
« on: October 15, 2005, 11:08:28 PM »
I'm a 2L now and will be 32 when I graduate.  I'm a female at a top-15 school, and I have a very-good-but-not-stellar law school record.  My pre-law-school career was OK, but not incredibly impressive.  I have relatively weak interview skills. 

My advice: be very prepared to answer:  "So, you had a great career ... what made you give it up and go to law school?" 

When interviewing this fall, it was hard to answer that question when a firm did not do anything that I could specifically relate to my previous work experience.  I did not have a compelling story about a big transformative moment either.  So I think that hurt me a bit.

But I eventually found a biglaw-paying firm that DOES want me for my background, and I think I will like it there. 

Bottom line -- it depends where you go to law school, how your grades are, and how well you can explain the decision to make the transition to law school.

I'm a 1L now.

I didn't read One-L until after my first semester.  It was somewhat entertaining, but it wasn't anything that would have helped me do better in school.

I did read Law School Confidential before law school, and I recommend that one.  School (at least where I go) isn't as nasty as it sounds in Law School Confidential, but you do need to be prepared for very hard work.  My advice: choose a relatively small school.  I think that's why the atmosphere here is good -- there's a strong incentive for everybody to want a good reputation.

Getting to Maybe is really good.  Also, Bramble Bush by Karl Llewellyn is good if you have time.

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