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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Full Ride vs. Better School
« on: February 05, 2004, 11:32:53 AM »
Before you decide, you should look at the placement record for both schools.  In an ideal world, it wouldn't matter where you went because a person should be judged on their abilities.  However, law firms will judge you by the school you went to.  Ask each school how many of their students were employed in a law related position at graduation.  If Toledo is 25% vs. IU with 75%, then you have some thinking to do.  Do not go by the 9 months or 1 year after graduation figures, people may have taken less than desirable jobs due to their outstanding school loans.  Law school is not a goal; it is your stepping-stone to a law career.  Find out what kind of jobs each school’s graduates enjoy.

3.33 (UC Santa Barbara, Microbiology 1992), 162 & 166 LSAT

Accepted: Santa Clara, USD, UOP (merit scholarship expected), Calif. Western (potential 3 year full scholarship)

Rejected: Berkeley

Waiting to hear from: UC Davis, UC Hastings, UCLA, USC

Studying for the LSAT / Don't forget your ID.
« on: January 30, 2004, 06:14:47 PM »
So, you know how the LSAT booklet reminds you not to forget your ID?  Well, don't forget to bring it.

To relax the day before the December 2002 test, I went to the gym.  I usually just take my driver's license and gym membership card in a clear plastic holder with me.  When I got home, I just threw everything in the washer.  The next morning when the LSAT registration lady asked for my ID, I couldn't find it.  Then I remembered it was in the washer at home.  I wasn't allow to take the LSAT, so I was pretty much drunk by 10 AM at the bar down the street.

Due to going to the gym, I forgot my ID.  Because I forgot my ID, I couldn't sit for the LSAT.  Becasue I missed the LSAT, I couldn't apply for Fall 2003.  Because I couldn't appy for Fall 2003, I had to wait a year for law school.  Therefore, I am never going to the gym again.  ;-)

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