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Yeah, I have a Masters degree. I'm teaching high school with it. I don't plan to go to a top law school ("big law") either.  8)

Gattomatto, international law does deal with the U.N. and multinational organizations. International law also involves ADR for disputes between countries about borders, international criminal law (like terrorism or drugs), and business transactions.

I like international law because I enjoy working with different cultures. I'm also interested in property/real estate law and education law.

I want to practice labor law, international law, and criminal law.

I will apply to the part time evening programs. There are three law schools in my area, so I won't have to quit work. The school disrict that I work for has a tuition reimbursement plan (but no mention of law school).

I considered teaching at a community college at one point. My Masters degree is not in education ( classes in international studies). I have no college teaching experience! Do class presentations count?

I have not send any applications yet. I plan to go to law school in 2007 or 2008. I was close to this professor, and it is my only recommendation from the school that I went to as an undergraduate.

I am going to deactivate her letter and substitute it with another (maybe an employer).

I asked one of my professors for a LOR. She wrote me one and sent it to LSDAS. I waived my rights, so I can't see the actual letter. After I graduated from college, I asked her for law school admissions advice. I did not do well on the LSAT, and she was my pre law advisor. She told me that I could not "stomach law school" ( I guess because I was quiet in class and patient. I do not want to be in the court room). Do I cancel her LOR and ask someone else (an employer or another professor) to send in another one? How many letters can one send to LSAC?

I worked at a law library last year (at U.M.). It gave me a good opportunity to talk to the current students and law professors. Only one law student was supportive, but the rest were not. The second person that I talked to is from a family of lawyers, and told me "Don't do it! Find something else"! She could not give me a reason why I should not go to law school. The majority of the students were young, so they probably were in shock.

I am a non traditional prospective law student. I am a teacher, and I am interested in international and labor law. As an undergraduate student, I was a secretary for my college's chapter of NOW, volunteered for a presidential campaign and governor's campaign, tutored elementary kids, and an assistant Girl Scout troop leader. I interned for a worker's rights organization, and have a Masters degree. I CAN NOT afford to quit my job (I do not come from money). Is anyone considering working while attending law school?

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