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Current Law Students / Re: Abortion
« on: March 27, 2006, 10:05:08 PM »

Transferring / Re: Transferring from T4 to another T4, T3, or T2
« on: March 26, 2006, 11:30:37 PM »
Can someone help me on the issue of what I would want to do to transfer from a mid 3T to a low 2T or a low T1 and if it would be worth it?

Current Law Students / Re: Abortion
« on: March 21, 2006, 11:23:17 PM »
Yeah, the junkies giving sure righties aren't that low.

Current Law Students / Re: Abortion
« on: March 21, 2006, 09:27:24 AM »
That's evil but

Current Law Students / Re: Abortion
« on: March 20, 2006, 08:20:40 PM »
I think this thread is being spammed by an anti-choice site.

Pursuing an LLM / Re: Reasons for LLM
« on: March 18, 2006, 06:18:51 PM »
Do you think an LLM could help you get more connections for the town you want to work in as well as a stronger specialty? For example, if I go to Wyoming and want to work in Denver, is a LLM a way to get a job in Denver?

Current Law Students / Re: Laid back, enjoyable law schools
« on: March 17, 2006, 02:13:56 PM »
Wyoming is pretty laid back. Theres only like 225 students.

Current Law Students / Re: Abortion
« on: March 17, 2006, 01:55:08 PM »
YUM! What are those pictures? What you intend to do to us? LOL!!! They seem tasty, but are you threatening me? Anyways, those are near to post viability abortions that are NOT protected by Roe or Casey. That's like saying that the current death penalty should be banned by showing pictures of babies being electucuted or grannies having their spines ripped out with bare hands or a movie about the live canibalization of a village where people's heads are decapitated and placed on pikes while the cannibals use the villagers eyes as jelly on their toast.

Anyway, don't show those pictures to children, ya hear? I thought of disciplining my 4-year-old step-child with pictures of aborted fetuses, but it's just not cool.

Perhaps the Democrats should simply mirror the 1970s/1980s GOP strategy by focusing on the foreign and economic issues while keeping the social issues on the platform, but not pushing them. I mean, the working class is an important constituentcy but so is the civil rights community. The DNC must balence between the working class and libertarian democrats (like myself) because I can see myself as a republican if the conservative part of the democrats take control. I think we should focus on ALL issues when dealing with judicial appointments and stop trying to block abortion or restrictions in which we know the opposition has a good point (partial-birth with "self defense" exceptions and other restrictions on the state level that have proper bypasses). Perhaps we should just put Casey v. Planned Parenthood as our protective precedent while advocating social services to prevent abortions. All I am trying to say is perhaps we should basically state that criminalizing abortion is not the answer to the abortion problem while trying to balence our party's base. We need both the working class and civil rights activists.

wow. a lot of great thoughts here. something definitely needs to be done, and a compromise within the party on that major issue (abortion) is much needed, if you ask me. i understand that all people will never come to a consesus on when life starts, etc., but i think it would be refreshing to a lot of people (myself included) to see the party at large at least make an effort to draw some line for legality, and then talk about some of the larger problems surrounding abortion rates.

but i was also glad to read your comment on how you'd react if they conservative democrats got control of the party. i've actually wondered how many current democrats would leave, because it seems like the newer waive of democrats fits more of your own libertarian-democrat mold.

still, i think bringing some balance back between the two types of democrats within the party (though i hate to even reduce it to only two types) would be a HUGE step. there is most definitely an important need for the more civil rights-oriented democrats, as you mention. however, the "working man"-democrats have really been placed on the backburner in recent years. i think the party needs them for two reasons- to get economic politics to the forefront again, which are pretty important if you ask me; and also, to draw over the millions of americans, most of whom are deciding the recent presidential elections, and who are arguably "working class" voters, but instead vote on one or two issues (gay marriage and abortion) because the democrats have become the "immoral" party.

the democrats need some sort of place for those who are socially-conservative, economically-liberal, or else they're going to keep losing out with "middle america", which is the group that keeps deciding elections. it might not be right or fair or logical (it really all depends on your politics), but that's just how it seems to be.

But yes, we should focus on economic and foreign issues while keeping our commitment to civil rights and liberties (including abortion AND GUNS(gun ownership is a civil liberty))as part of our platform, however as part of the platform that will not be thrusted in front of people. We should continue our stance on Bush nominations while allowing people like Casey to address our conventions.

Transferring / Re: Transfer Advice
« on: March 16, 2006, 04:53:43 PM »
Yes, I am also interested in transferring. I want to transfer to either Colorado, Denver or UNM. What would I have to pull off from Wyoming in order to be consdiered a candidate to transfer to these schools?

Current Law Students / Re: Advanced Law Degrees
« on: March 16, 2006, 01:13:57 PM »
I also have a question. I am going to a high T3 or a low T2 (depending on whether or not I can convince my fiance to go to Denver) come August and wanted to know the plausibility and feasibility of a LLM program. I would like to get a LLM from a Tier 2 or Tier 1 in either natural resources/energy or international business.
I have 2 questions-

1) How feasible is this plan and what type of grades would I need? (Law Review, Top Quarter or simply in the competitve half)

2) What type of boost to my career would be given by a LLM in business or environment?

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