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General Off-Topic Board / Fundamental questions about America.
« on: March 01, 2005, 03:01:28 PM »

For a while now, there has been a debate on whether Iraq and other new mandatory lands in West Asia should be democratic. However, I shift the question. Of late, people come out and vote for only one party in America. More and more, people want more welfare, fewer civil liberties, more rule of men, less rule of law, more centralization and standardization of infilstructure and culture. One can see all of these as signs of an authoritarian government. So, my question is: Is democracy still what the people want in their hearts? Is democracy still good for America? Is democracy going to survive in America?

General Off-Topic Board / What school on my list would fit my ideology?
« on: February 28, 2005, 12:34:55 PM »

I am a 80/55 "Liberal Libertarian". Basically, this means that I am moderately conservative economically and very liberal socially.

The question is, which school would be the best fit?

 Nova Southeastern University
Shepard Broad Law Center   
 University of Miami
School of Law   
 Seattle University
School of Law   
 Barry University
Barry University School of Law   
 The Pennsylvania State University
The Dickinson School of Law   
 Stetson University
Stetson University College of Law   
 Thomas M. Cooley Law School
Thomas M. Cooley Law School   
 Vermont Law School
Vermont Law School   
 Syracuse University
Syracuse University College of Law   
 Franklin Pierce Law Center
Franklin Pierce Law Center   
 University of Wyoming
University of Wyoming College of Law   
 University of Denver
Sturm College of Law   

Studying for the LSAT / Okayyyy....
« on: February 24, 2005, 04:59:12 PM »
It's in the middle of the day and LSAC is closed over the that fishy or what?

Well VOTE!!

Studying for the LSAT / Well, what would I need?
« on: February 23, 2005, 02:37:38 PM »
I am not a big shot. I come from a humble beginning and would like to attend a Tier3 school, or a Tier2, but perhaps a Tier 4.

MY GPA looks like this: When I was 15, I was a dual credit engineering major and had a 2.4 GPA, I restarted school as a political science major and now have about a 3.65, excluding my dual credit mishap. Overall, I am a 3.01 and am expecting a 3.25 to a 3.5 this semester.

My credentials look like this: Eagle Scout, Pre-Law Club, Campus Democrats, and the Buisness club (I got to fly to New York in that club). But nothing spectacular.

I know I am getting letter of recomendations from prominent professors.

I took the LSAT in Febuary and am thinking I got a 150-157. I think I got a 153, but possibly a 149 or a 158.

So, my question is:

Is this a good list for me.

University of Wyoming
Seattle U.
Barry University
Western State University
Penn State. (Dickenson)
Thomas M. Cooley
Franklin Pierce
University of Denver

I mean, are some just a waste of time and money or am I worth it?

Studying for the LSAT / Should I cancel?
« on: February 16, 2005, 04:09:05 PM »
Well, I already know that I got 1 answer wrong already from this board, is that a bad sign? Should I cancel?

Section 1- Exp.
Section 2- 17
Section 3- 3+4+3+1= 11
Section 4- 18
Section 5- 18

That's a 64. What would that be?

At one end, I got two down or up on each, so, I could have gotten between a 56 and a 72. What would that be?

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