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you have to go to cornell.  you will be unencumbered by geographical boundaries when you graduate because of its reputation.  if you don't mind, what are your #s?  I just turned in an application to cornell about a week ago because I got a fee waiver but now i'm thinking I may want to go there in the somewhat unlikely chance I get in.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Why the WUSTL hate?
« on: March 01, 2005, 01:11:35 PM »
There certainly is a lot of WUSTL hate.  I think a lot of it can be traced back to coastal bias.  Many people on the coasts simply cannot comprehend how a school in the midwest can compete with the quality of their schools and believe that anything not on the east or west coast is a TTT.  Another reason is simply envy.  Many schools do not like the fact that Wash U has made a meteoric rise in the rankings the past 10 years.  In undergrad, Wash U has jumped from around 30 to top 15 in recent years, ahead of or on par with schools such as Brown, Cornell, etc.  The people at these schools don't like this and the schools that were previously on par with wash u (emory, tufts, etc. also don't like this).  The WUSTL grad programs (outside of business) have also experienced a steady rise in the USNWR rankings, and I think that judging from recent performance WUSTL has a great chance to continue rising or at least maintain its ranking. The med school is already firmly entrenched in the top 5. The person who made the comment that Wash U has not made corresponding improvements in educational quality is BS. Wash U has immense financial resources and is not afraid to use them, which means that there has been a recent flurry of construction, renovation, sholarships to top students and hiring of quality professors in undergrad and grad schools.  With that being said, I still think that Wash U law, as it stands, should only be attended by someone who is comfortable living in the midwest. Although less than 40% stay in MO, the majority of Wash U law grads are in MO or IL. Personally, I think Stl and Chicago are great cities, but others may not feel this way.  Although it is possible to get a job elsewhere, you must work extremely hard to get it, Wash U's name recognition has not yet caught up to its ranking. Perhaps this will change in the near future however. Keep in mind that I am biased because I attended WU undergrad but I think that I make some valid points.   

Why do I spend so much time on LSD? I read threads that I have already read numerous times.  I will leave LSD but then return 5 minutes later and browse the same threads. Who else suffers from this addiction or am I just a skilsaw? (see michiganiscold's thread)

Where you go (geographically) undergrad has little bearing on where you will go to law school. Just go to a decent undergrad, do well, and more importantly do well on the lsat.

I notice on LSN that a lot of people who were accepted to Cornell have ranked it as like their 6th-10th choice. If you don't plan on attending please withdraw so that others can have an opportunity. Please?? Thanks.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: ND vs. WUSTL vs. GW
« on: February 26, 2005, 11:09:33 PM »
It's really frustrating because people do not read postings before they belligerently reply.  I did not say confined to Chi or Stl. I said MO or IL, unless you are willing to put in all of the work yourself, which is not impossible, but what I have heard from WUSTL law students. Ilsox, good luck to you, I think you would love WUSTL.  The rest of you, if you want to practice in NY, go to Fordham, look at the USNWR career prospects, if you want to practice in DC, go to GW.  As many people have previously noted, outside of the T14, wherever you go is going to be regional. So go where you want to practice.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: ND vs. WUSTL vs. GW
« on: February 26, 2005, 10:59:36 AM »
ilsox, I'm just wondering what your obsession with Wash U is? Are you an adcomm or something?  I am currently an undergrad senior at Wash U, and I think it's a great school, anyone who calls it a TTT is a complete moron, although I have to give it to Eva, WUSTTTL cracked me up.  Nevertheless, i don't think that it is god's gift to law schools.  You need to look over your options, and you need to realize that if you go to wash u law school you are pretty much going to be confined to working in MO or IL when you graduate.  i have a friend who is a 2L here and she said that before she went to WU she wished that someone would have told her this.  She said that although it is possible to get a job elsewhere, you have to do ALL the work yourself, don't expect to be interviewed by a lawfirm outside of MO or IL.

For the past 2 or 3 weeks my mailman hasn't delivered mail to anyone in my apartment building on saturdays.  wtf?? I feel like I should call the post office and complain.  Does anyone else have this problem?

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Any hope for UCLA?
« on: February 25, 2005, 02:03:23 PM »
kmp, I have your #s and got into UCLA.  so don't give up hope yet, I think you have a great chance!

Yeah I'm in the same boat. I was complete in late november and still awaiting a decision.

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