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Studying for the LSAT / catherine the great second part
« on: February 16, 2005, 05:06:30 PM »
what was te second part of the catherine the great question... and what was the answer..???
Also, soybeans people...?

Studying for the LSAT / SOYBEANS
« on: February 16, 2005, 04:58:33 PM »
what was the soybeans question, where was it, and what was the answer... i have no memmory of this one and i am worried that I like forgot about it... was this at the very end... i hope not!?
Someone... please help.

Studying for the LSAT / RC answer
« on: February 16, 2005, 09:58:44 AM »
Hey, was this an answer to the netherlands recycling RC passage...
The question asked about what was not included in the NEPP idea, and the answer was something about "past restrictions on something"
Who else got this?

Studying for the LSAT / Help me... what should I do...?????
« on: February 15, 2005, 09:13:13 PM »
I have a 163 as of december...
On this test, I feel like i aced the games (1 wrong), aced the first arguments, maybe 2 or 3 wrong at most, did pretty well on next arguments, maybe 6 wrong at most, and I did fine on reading comp, BUT..... I DID NOT READ THE LAST PARAGRAPH CAREFULLY and I didnt get that the author was for ralastin... Ive been trying to see how many answers that would mess up... and it looks like a lot.  I really think that I couldnt have gotten more than 3 wrong other than this passage in RC... but I could have gotten all 8 WRONG on the last one CAUSE I DIDNT ABSORB THE SUBTLeties of the last paragraph.  I guessed C for the parallel the memo question, and people tell me that C was right... was it?????
anyway, That means that it looks like Ill be getting around 20 or 21 wrong at most... but, the scale might be easy?
If anyone can just read this and answer any of my questions or what they think i should do, that would be nice...
I mean, I could have done better than i thought on the arguments... but that stupid BACH passage.

Studying for the LSAT / More!
« on: February 15, 2005, 07:34:57 PM »
we need more guys.... does anyone remember anything else... was there one about solar systems??
I also think there was one abouttectonic plates and earthquakes... and the answer was about how some other force counteracts the tectonic plates...
anyone remember this one???

Lets keep making this list grow...

Studying for the LSAT / explain this one
« on: February 15, 2005, 06:41:02 PM »
) Parallel reasoning - not the chemical companies fault that there are chemical in the ground - answer: parents not taking accountability for children in school

Which one was this... what was the full question, and what section was it on???? was this on the first section... was it pretty obvious.... cause the children answer doesnt ring, and I tend to do really well on the arguments (1-2 wrong)

Studying for the LSAT / 2nd arguments section
« on: February 15, 2005, 06:23:07 PM »
Is it fair to say that almost every question that we have been discussing has come from the second arguments section???
Was the first one that easy/???
Lets get some more in there from the first.. come on folks...

Studying for the LSAT / master list of arguments!
« on: February 15, 2005, 06:21:46 PM »
blue cars(resolveX) more people drive blue cars
wines (flaw) wines other then whites avail
fear (weaken) Pleasure exp. releases same chemical
catherine the great #1 (assumnption) read all books
catherine the great #2 (parallel): distrust/enemies/linda
replacing medication with healthy lifestyle (assumption) ?
dinosuars/humans/mammals (weaken) ?
bad drivers/criminal records/alcohol (weaken) ?
tv/computers (strenthenX): people with computers have tv's.
racoon blood test (assumption) substance was in blood during test
teachers talking sh*t/jealousy(flaw): attacks character
mayors/funding from social groups (assumption) social groups not support common good
wage/jobs (fill in the blank) something about we should drive demand for products rather then worry about salaries.
boat hull (inference) if measured right, then used tool
mosquitos part one(flaw)
mosquitoes part two (inference)
watches/supply demand: conclusion was prices not dropped, the answer was a premise
drugs/make life happier/might reduce life (parallel) dogs off leashes
polar ice caps: ?
history/current problems(inference): we should not attepmt to solve current problems by relying on history
National govts giving money to local govts: either farmers or sales contest
french wine drinkers(weaken) takes years to develope
isotopes bones(weaken) not reliable when they are that old
leaders/followers (parallel
Soybeans parallel X...

ANymore guys...
I took the test in december and we created a big master list and everyone was able to predict how they did quite well (from what i heard).
So add anything that comes to mind...

Studying for the LSAT / 80 raw score...
« on: February 15, 2005, 05:52:37 PM »
what do you think an 80 raw score will get me???

Studying for the LSAT / MY final Bach post
« on: February 15, 2005, 02:27:51 PM »
on the question... what can be inferred about germany at this time?
I remember putting something about sheet music being shared...
Was this answer a Wrong ANSWER choice that none of you guys picked.  Am i confusing the wording on this one?... was the answer choice (which a lot of you guys seem to agree with) that at least some people used single pieces of sheet music a SEPERATE ANSWer???
Or was this pretty much the same answer as the one I put...
I aced the RC section except I am really worried that I missed EVERY BACH QUESTION.
Someone please, answer the above question, and please just answer the question as opposed to making moral statements.
P.S: anyone else care to comment if they put C as the parralel the memo answer to the bach question... i just would feel better knowing if I got them all wrong... as you all would as well.

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