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Richmond is my first too (that was pretty darn quick turnaround).  Phone call from the Dean on Sat. 2/5.  Spoke to her this morning.  Thought I'd add my acceptance on to this post.

Monkey, like you, I also want to be as close to DC as possible, but I applied to Richmond b/c I love Virginia.  Let me know how you like it if you visit.

Does anyone know if merit aid is awarded during the app. process?  Seems like if I were going to get an $ she would have told me during the call.  Instead, she encouraged that I get my fin. aid. app. in by the 25th (my FAFSA's long been completed) "so we can see about getting you some scholarship money."  Does the Committee make the effort to go back and look over applications for scholarships?  If anyone has any thoughts on what this might mean, I'd appreciate it.

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