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excellent--thanks for the post, Gemini! I've been trying to convince a few people to avoid the Autobio route--it *is* too busy, and the PS doesn't have enough room to do every subject justice. In the end, the adcomm has nothing memorable to walk away from the PS with.

Along this same line, I've heard that running through all life accomplishments is a no-no; that just reads like an extended resume.

It is best to choose 1-2 events that are symbolic of the direction of one's life/one's accomplishments. Choosing is difficult--that's why I advocate for "kill your darlings." Including *everything* isn't an okay compromise--it's a mistake.

I haven't seen any political essays yet, in the vein of your #3. However, I could see how applicants who are uber-political could write an anti-meat-manifesto, or why-Bush-rocks essay, or save-the-marmoset essay. I suppose this should be qualified, though--if someone worked on a marmoest campaign and did cool s***, that could be appropriate. I'm reading the adcomm's warning as "please don't send us an extended political rant--this a personal statement, not an op-ed."

That said, I've read some pretty smokin' essays here, and those who are really committed to the revision process are doing well, IMHO.

thanks for posting this info!


Law School Admissions / Re: Specific circumstances - Addendum??
« on: January 03, 2006, 12:21:51 PM »
Heya Mark!

Most schools take the higher score. I say don't sweat it--explain only if they ask. LSAT addenda are for car accidents and pregnancies and typhoid fever and tornadoes.

Frankly, you're in good shape--your score went up into another bracket. Congrats!


...only just enough for him to graze my derriere with the sole of his Puma.


I've read around 50 (wow! I should've been working on mine). Half I've requested and the rest people just send to me. There were about 4 that were spectacular esp. in terms of writing ability.

Most common themes: Trip abroad, depression, and small town.

I guess it doesn't matter as long as you write well.

I'd say it does and it doesn't--for schools where your numbers make you a good candidate, a standard essay will do fine--but for a school you really want to *wow*, it can be important to stand out from the crowd. That means finding a topic/theme that hasn't been so thoroughly canvassed as those we've listed in the thread--or, an astonishing story.


The Puma one is so post-modern it can't be deconstructed. What an achievement!

ah, but I heard a rumor even deconstruction can be deconstructed!

I think it was started by that wikipedia pirate who's causing a ruckus of late, actually.

....and then Derrida kicked my ass.


I'm thinking of stealing and using it. Would that be unethical?

I dunno about unethical, but it could be suicidal--heh--could be that the sincerity has already stricken the adcomms, and they'll be struck dumb by the impertinence of the proposition. Much blustering could result.

man, I was hoping to find some more parodies when I got back from The Producers--after Springtime for Hitler, I'm in the mood for faaarrrcceeeee... (we need a music symbol option here)


HAHAHAHAHA.. That's hilarious!

Oh, but I was trying to be serious.

Okay, haha, I fool no one. No one!

my friend Bryn coined this term--it's in wikipedia (with all the other budding memes). She'd probably be horrified I wrote this...mwaahahaha....


The Puma 250:

The point of purchasing Pumas is to find the most garish pair you can possibly unearth. The colors Puma puts together actually makes this chore a challenge; beige-lavender-puce; off-white and pumpkin with Velcro; goldenrod and doodoo brown with fatty hiphop laces—their shoe design studio is likely piloted by brilliant potheads. Picking the most inspired color combo is a time-consuming ordeal, indeed.

Oh, how I love my Pumas: my Christmas pair is forest green and baby pink, with odd, nubby soles that slide wildly on any slick surface. Clad in my dyed suede, I care not: Pumas are the anti-fashion, the anti matchy-matchy—of course, matching Puma purses could follow shortly. Potheads will figure out that marketing strategy at some point.

But still! Choosing any shoe is a labor of love, so choosing an ugly shoe adds a curious element of aesthetic pleasure—little things become more important, such as the curve of the toe, the limpness of the shoelace. The purchaser will likely find herself muttering “this is more ugly-ugly, while this pair is more actual ugly.” Ugly, once a word relegated to the thesaurus’ dark side, finds itself a new fan club.

The resurrection of ugly is not something to take lightly, Yale. I wanted to inform you of this development post-haste. Enclosed, also find a fetching pair of size nine Pumas, brick red-fuschia-pea green. Please enjoy them!

Here's your chance to blow off some steam and write the 250 you'd never send to Yale in a million trillion years (but you would if you could):

If the abundance of world snarkiness is getting you down, I have just the thing: The New Sincerity. (Better than the old, of course.)

The difficulty with sincerity of any form is our instantaneous mistrust; the level of frankness required is not something we remember how to respond to. Take, for example, Bill Murray’s hangdog mug: we snicker when we see him, but it is not the robust belly-laugh of SNL days of yore—we’re talking the laugh-stuff of discomfort, the unnatural titters that issue forth from unsure mouths. This is today’s response to sincerity—a quick giggle and puzzled look. We’ve simply forgotten how to keep a straight face. When Wes Anderson has Bill gaze into the camera, he surely intends the audience to love, not chide, that pockmarked fellow.

The New Sincerity is already taking a beating from the poets—fie, poets!—but you, Yale, you alone can save this theory from history’s dung heap o’ irony. The poets want to know “what is sincere? How do you know if you’ve achieved sincerity? What if you’re just being a pompous ass and ought to be made fun of?” Those poets have never understood true beauty. They’re all about the iambs—they’ve no love to spare.

Please, Yale: save The New Sincerity. If anyone can prove the merits of calm reflection and considered response to the world at large, it is you, my meta-friend. Even if I should not grace your hallowed halls this fall, please do admit sincerity. It is all I ask.


well, what you've got here is the stuff for the "last half" of the PS--where you relate your storyline to your ambitions.

Watch out for the alcoholism, tho--too much sob-story stuff won't help get you into law school, esp. if it's more about your family than you. We've seen a lot of family drama come through here, and we're beginning to suspect adcomms may get completely overwhelmed with super-sad stories. That's not to say don't mention it if it's an important part of the story--but three-four paragraphs of sadness...ooof. There's been a lot of that!

What's going to be important for you is finding something immediately memorable--some anecdote to open up with.

best of luck


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