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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: HELP: Villanova vs. Temple
« on: April 07, 2005, 08:22:12 AM »
I was at Temple as an undergrad.  Yes, teh area of the school is more urban and the surrounding neighborhoods aren't white picket fenced homes.  Coming from the suburbs of NY, it was a culture shock, but I got over it.  If you are open-minded and can see more to the school than the fact that it is in N Philly, you will see the benefits of attending a school like Temple.  A lot of folks take the school for granted, but I truly appreciate the school.  I was exposed to more diverse opinions and people than ever in my life.  I also learned quickly how to "survive" in the city.  over time, you have to llok at the quality of the program, not how "pretty the campus or neighborhood" happens to be.  Isn't Yale in a "not so beautiful" area?  That was what I was told of New Haven, but lots of folks want to go there....
Temple has a great rep and lots of alumni.  recently, one of their 1996 grads got a great position with Holland and Knight's Orlando office.  
So please.....don't use the "ghetto/urban" issue to largely affect your choice.  Hope I havent offended anyone!

i hope this is somewhat useful info.  i lived in new york and commuted to Hofstra for two years, then transferred and finished my degree at Temple where I lived on campus (Broad St). 
Coming from the suburbs, Hofstra was a nice enough campus bu u need a car.  there are buses but the car is a better way to get around.  the surrounding neighborhood is not so great but it isnt bad, either.  the grounds are beautiful andclean.  this was in the early 90's. 
Temple is located in one fo the rough inner city parts of Philly.  I knew several people who had things stolen, held up on campus, etc.  when we had firedrills in the undergrad dorms of Hardwick Hall and Johnson Hall, bums would come up to us and ask us for money at 2 in the morning!!!
two good friends of mine are temple law alums.  one of them graduated recently and said that she  thought that she received a good education and passed the NY bar. 
I liked Philly in that u could get away without a car if u wanted to.  as long as u were ok with taxis, buses and teh subway.  in undergrad, i used the subway all the time. 
living off campus and commuting is one option if u choose to live off campus.  culturally speaking, i enjoyed the atmosphere despite having to learn how to be "street smart" to survive there.  I am a female and I rarely went off campus alone at night.  i never had any problems.  if u watch this season's MTV "Real World", they show the nicer parts of Downtown and waterfront areas.  North Philly isnt like that but the city is so small that u can get to the downtown area in minutes even by train.  Honestly if u are not afraid of people from different backgrounds and SES, u get more bang for ure buck at Temple.  A lot fo people not used to folks of color or cant adjust to city life dont do so well there.  The camus is not gated-u can walk right n the campus off the street at any time.  At night i have seen bums sleeping on the campus near Weis Hall.  This is my info from 1992-1996.. ope this helps!

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