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I was so happy to find this thread, and see there are other teachers out there pursuing careers in law. Most of my colleagues think I'm crazy for giving up my summer vacations.
I actually started college with plans to be an attorney, but by the time my junior year rolled around I just wasn't so sure anymore. With a double major in polisci/history it seemed as though everyone I knew was going to law school, and I just wasn't ready for three more years of school and all that competition. After volunteering at the Boys and Girls club, I decided to get my teaching credential. I've been teaching high school government for 3 years, and also coach mock trial. I love my students but the thought of law school has never really left my mind, and now I know I am ready. I know I will miss working with kids though, and this is the only part that makes me somewhat reluctant...does anyone else feel this way? I'd love to continue volunteering with kids, but I don't know how realistic that is given law school schedules.

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