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I am WL at St. John's not in...I applied way too late, actually after I found out that I was WL at Rutgers-Newark and had a slight panic attack because they were my first choice. St. John's is a great school but Rutgers is my first choice all the way because they have several programs and electives that I want to take. Let's try to post any info that we hear about the waitlist when we receive that we are both informed. I hope it works out for us

Well, I think you should keep a positive outlook b/c look they contacted people for a certain reason- and it obviously was not to dump up from the waitlist or you would have been told. When did this phone conversation take place if you don't mind me asking? If it was recently, this could be a positive sign b/c it shows that they are still anticipating going to their waitlist...some schools already know that they will not and have suspended them. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

I hope that I am wrong---and it would not be the first time. Maybe it is our lucky day....I did not call...did they say anything else or just leave it at that? Also have you kept them updated? If not, I would not read into it. If you have, then I would start feeling optimistic. I personally just do not want to be disappointed, so I try to keep a realistic outlook. Where are you gonna go, if that does not come through?

Sorry I was not clear...yes I got the e-mail and no I don't think they have made a priority waitlist

yeah. I would not read much either way. Sometimes they send stuff like that, if they have not heard from you in a bit (i.e. letter of contd. interest, etc) the last thing they want coming down to the wire is to waste time calling people who are no longer interested in attending. I am hoping it will come through but I don't have a good feeling about it.

Wish I heard something as well. I heard that the deadline for requesting refunds on initial deposits was on the first...and still nothing. I know they are over-enrolled so, I guess they will only get to us if enough people withdraw....

I hate to do this (promise only once!) BUMP!

Choosing the Right Law School / Anyone heard from Rutgers-Newark WL?
« on: July 11, 2005, 06:39:44 AM »
Sorry could not find the old thread to revive but just wondered if anyone has heard about any possible WL movement. I heard possibly after July 1st because of that was the final date to request a deposit refund...guess no spots opened up?

that is weird, because when I got my form for the WL you had the option of choosing PT Day, or PT night...oh well, it does not really matter! I am going to Hofstra anyways

St. John's has a day and night PT option, right? If so, which one are you in? Congrats by the way, bummer about the FT though!

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