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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Fordham, BU, BC?
« on: January 30, 2006, 04:44:00 PM »
Hey guys,

The same firms recruit from BU and BC. We actually share the same job fairs sometimes, but we have the same firms come to both schools and harvard to do OCI. I think a lot go to Northeastern as well, but don't quote me on that one.

Every now and then BU will place slightly more students in NYC. This is usually cused by either 1) self selection or 2) could not get a job in Boston. Also, working at a small firm in NYC is not the same as working at a large firm in Boston, and placement statistics dont state which firms these students actually work for, if they even work for firms. However, I am sure a lot of yankee fans would say they would rather work at the bottom of NYC market than at the top of the Boston market. :)

Fordham is hands down where you want to be if you are sure you want to work in NYC. If you arent so sure, I would go to BC/GW. If you get a good scholarship from BU, you might want to take that option. Or, a lot of people choose BU b/ they like studying deep in the city. I would get too distracted and I enjoy having a car, so I probably wouldnt have been too happy there. You should see what your preferences are and decide that way. An old poster on here used to say it just comes down to a gut decision. 90% of the time, thats the right one.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Fordham, BU, BC?
« on: January 28, 2006, 03:35:08 PM »

"BU has a law school library"

You walked both floors? Seriously, if you dont think that library is a joke, you are kidding yourself. They have been talking about building a new law school for years, but as they just renovated the place, I doubt that its coming any time soon. My friends at BU law study at home or at cafes due to the library's size and atmosphere. THey like doing that, so if youre okay with it, then you wont mind BU campus. If you like having a nice library, BC and FOrdham may be better bets.

"BC is more clerkship oriented and BU is more focused on Biglaw than BC"

Considering I know of no BU students with BigLaw 1L jobs (and I know a lot of BU students) and at least 5 from BC, including myself, I think that statement is pretty funny.

I realize this is a board for pre-law students, but the few law students that post on this site (when we get a chance) have a lot of experience with these firms and these markets. We are trying to help you get a perspective of what its like. BU does have a good reputation in Boston, but I would be careful making the statemnt that it is BigLaw focused, considering it is very difficult to get a biglaw job from BU. (t-30% or a hard science background is usually required from BU for Boston Biglaw; They will go deeper, albeit not by much, into the class at BC. ONce you leave Boston, the two are equally regarded.)

As for sharing a campus with 100 freshman v. sharing a campus with 35,000 undergraduates or however many are at BU, I stand by my analysis.


Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Fordham, BU, BC?
« on: January 28, 2006, 02:06:16 PM »

I had the same predicament a year ago, although GW and Vandy were also an issue. The best way to resolve the issue is to do two things
1) Figure out where you want to practice:
2) visit the schools

If you want to work in NYC only, then Fordham is the best option.
If you may want to work elsewhere, then BC is the best option.
If you got a scholarship from BU, then BU may be a good choice.

If you want to study in the heart of the city, then fordham and BU are good choices.
If you want to have a quiet place to study just otuside of the city, but still have a big city 15 minutes away, then BC is the best place.
If you want a library, then BC and FOrdham are the better options, as BU doesnt really ahve a law library. If you dont mind studying at home, BU works.

if you want undergrads running around, BU is a good choice,
If you want to be apart from undergrads, BC and Fordham are better choices.


Choosing the Right Law School / Re: BC vs. W&L ?
« on: January 28, 2006, 02:00:37 PM »

I cant say much about WandL. I looked at the school but was deterred by its location. I like being in a city and thus BU/BC/GW were more conducive then ND or WL.

As for BC, it has been great. The enviroment is very conducive to studying, but when you need a city atmosphere, you are only 20 or so minutes from the financial district of Boston.

The professors are good at both schools, and thus, your education si going to be pretty similar. If youre interested in IP, Int law, or big city practice, I would suggest BC. If you are interested in practicing in VA/NC, WL may be the better choice. Plus, if finances are an issue, WL is supposed ot be pretty cheap.

But big city practice is what BC is all about. i got a 1L firm job at a top 100 firm in Boston. Boston is competitive, as all the cities are, but from BC you ahve a great shot at a top law firm, as your only real competition is from Harvard, and with teh exception of their IP oriented students, most go to NY DC or Chicago to practice.

I would ask yourself what exactly you want to practice and where. This should be persuasive along with any price concerns you may have. But likely the above poster has said, its a great predicament to be in. Fred has been on this board for a long time and is very reliable, you may want to ask him more specific questions about WL.

Just a prediction. I have always held Chicago Law to be very prestigous, partially becuase I am partial to the law and economics movement. :) This is just an opinion, so its subjectiveness should be noted.


1. Yale
2. Harvard
3. Stanford
4. Columbia
5. Chicago
6. NYU
7. UPenn
8. Michigan
9. Northwestern
10. Virginia
11. UC Berk
12. Duke
13. Cornell
14. Georgetown
15. Texas
16. UCLA
17. USC
18. Vanderbilt
19. George Washington
20. Boston College
21. Notre Dame
22. Boston University
23. Washington and Lee
24. WUSTl
25. Iowa

Incoming 1Ls / Re: 1L Summer Work
« on: January 22, 2006, 10:48:16 AM »

I have a 1L summer job at a large firm in Boston. It sent out a lot of resumes to all the big firms in boston and got 3 interviews. I dont have much work expereince, but I was offered two jobs. Its definitly not easy, but it wasn't too bad either. The pay is great, as you get paid a little less than a typical salary of a 2L summer. As far as what schools will igve you thsi opportunity, I would say go to a school that dominates its  market. My school (BC) does very well in its market, second only to Harvard, and that is probably one of the main reasons why I was able to get this position. I am sure it would have been easier had I gone to a school that has a TOTAL monopoly over its market as the only law school in the area, although I cant think of one now. While BC does very well in Boston, I am sure that HLS will grant its students the opportunity to work at almsot any firm they want. Probably most of the top 10 schools will give you an edge, but if you're outside of the top ten, you want a school that places extremely well in its market.

thats my take.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: BOSTON--Advice on where to live??
« on: January 20, 2006, 10:13:43 AM »
Hey there,
   I am a 1L at BC and, as I almost went to BU, I know the BU situation as well. Here is the scoop:

Most students live around the BC chestnutt hill campus; usually along Commonwealth Ave or Beacon Street. Some students live by BU as well, and some of the harvard graduates kept their apartments in cambridge so they still live there. Many of the law students live in Newton as well, as it is usually cheaper and a much safer neighborhood. (actually the most safe neighborhood in the US from a recent study) It is very upper class with mansions on every block and a very nice quiet town to live in. If you want a more trendy scene, you will want to edge farther into the city. You can't really live in Newton without a car.

You probably will want a car anyways though; I know a lot of students who dont have one and are fine wiht not having one, but I love being able to drive to and from school whtout relying on other people or the busses. It is much cheaper to have a car out in Chestnutt hill/newton than in the areas around BU, so BC is probably better if you want your car. Downtown boston is about a 35 minute T ride or a 15 minute drive into the financial district. BC is accessible by either the B, C or D lines.

You are going to want to live in the Allston/brighton area. This area is primarily where most students live. It is very trendy with lots of bars. It is very expensive and you have to deal with the BU undergrads, which are probably the most annoying in Boston. You don't need a car at all, but the T sucks and I am not sure if you want to confine yourself to Boston 24/7 anyways; its nice having a car to get out of the city now and then. Trips to the Cape in the spring are always a good get away. Downtown Boston is about 15 minutes on the T. BU is only accessible by the B line.

It is right next to the Museum of Fine Arts on Huntington ave. Living situation is the same as BU. It is less car conducive than the other two big schools, as parking is tough in that area. Most students live in the backbay/south end areas of Boston. Downtown is 15 minute ride on the T, and is T accessible by the E line or the orange line (probably the fastest of all the lines). Pricing of apartments is high and probably the same as the BU area.



Keep in mind that for the schools 15-30, the schools that are going to look national are schools that either dont have a market of their own (ND) or place horribly in their own market(BU) forcing their grads to search elsewhere for jobs.

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Cheap shot...but effective?
« on: November 26, 2005, 11:55:28 AM »

If you don't get into a top 10 schools, BC and UCLA will give you an average starting salary at market value (125-140) and a great career stability. However, Harvard and Yale will ensure that you have to do less work getting the same job. You will have the same opportunities if you want to work for a law firm, but you will have to apply to more firms and be a little less selective from UCLA or BC. But if you had a full scholarship to BC and were sure you wanted to work in the northeast, or to UCLA and you wanted to wrok on the west coast, then it isnt a bad deal at all to chose down. I am at BC and would have gone to Penn or cornell had I gotten in off the waitlists, but the fact that I didn't doesn't make me think I dont have great opportunities; especially considering BC and UCLA are elite in their markets. USNews is not the end all be all of picking a law school. 

(but if you chose BC or UCLA over Harvard, you will forever live with the question: what if....)

Some ideas for you:
Harvard - BC (or BU if you dont get into BC)
Fordham - NYU/Columbia

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