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It depends where you go. I am at BC. Didn't too well and ended up in the middle of the class. I still ended up at a vault 100 firm and making market salary. If you do your research and figure out which schools outside of the top 14 place well in BigLaw (Fordham, BC, GW) you can do fine. But if you pick a school just because of its rank (vandy, Minn, Iowa), you are likely to be disappointed.

Do your research, then pick your school.

IOne thing I also noticed, which is at odds with my last point, very few people transfer into to BU (6 in the last year reported on the LSAC website); whereas a little more than twice that amount transfer out of BU per year (13) -- granted, the figures are somewhat meaningless without knowing numbers of applicants, # accepted, and # matriculated. I find it interesting that b/w BC and BU -- virtually equal schools in my opinion -- the numbers are basically flipped (BC = 17 transfer ins, 6 out; BU 6 transfer in, 13 out). I don't really want to speculate on the cause, but it seems like something is going on if more people are transferring out than in when transferring up in the rankings won't necessarily increase your job prospects all that much. Maybe I'm naive. Opinions? 

Interesting post.

Vandy is a great school, but again, it is not nearly as good at placement in NYC.  This was the point.  Vandy places well at large firms, as do BC and Fordham, but that percentage does not indicate how many went to NYC, which is the issue we are discussing.  Vandy is a great school, don't get me wrong, but if you want to work in NYC, I would never advise someone to go to Vandy.

Finally, I find it amusing that New Yorkers at the top firms in the country are posting on here telling you that you are wrong, and yet, you can't concede that fact. Hilarious. 

Edit: To ensure that I am not trolling, I have no affiliation with Fordham and choose another T25 school over it.

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: Pictures of some schools.
« on: July 21, 2007, 10:37:10 AM »
If you want to talk about campus beauty only (not the life just campus) then University of Virginia is hands down the best.

You can tell it's not trying to show off and presents its true nature.

Just look at it.  I'm sure you'll agree.  It looks so pure, so original, like you are back in the 17ths century when visiting campus (it looks very traditional American).

Yale and Princeton and Harvard are nice but they just seem so exaggerated with their "buildings" that they attempt to show off.  They are no match for UV

UV is definitely the most beautiful.  It is not big and intimidating like Yale or others, but rather, warming and sensual.  Very surreal campus.

The other one that comes REAL CLOSE is University of Maryland.  Look at it!

..And Ohio University.  They look just like UV too. 

UVa is nice, but I don't know I would say it's the best.  I guess it depends on what style you like.

I've never heard anything about UMD before. 

That discussion was from two years ago, feminine hygiene product.


I sincerely doubt that Vandy is really an "unknown" quantity in NYC, or anywhere else on the east coast. 

You can doubt it, but I am explicitly telling you as a summer at a top 50 firm that Vandy is not the better school for NYC placement.  You would think you would take a minute to realize that I am in a large summer class filled with top law students and surrounded by law students summering at other top 25 firms in the city.  I have the resources to actaully tell you whether Vandy places well in NYC and I am telling you that it does not place better than Fordham in NYC.  This is not up for debate, no matter what you try to speculate. 


I've gotta think Vandy will place better in NYC, even though this is Fordham's home turf. 

Incorrect.  You are always better off going to a school in the market that you want to work in.  You'll realize this after your first year of law school, and even more so after your second.

"BC - Boston
Fordham - NYC (the edge vs. Vandy)
Vandy - South + Everywhere else"

LOL. From the south?

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Re: Pictures of some schools.
« on: July 21, 2007, 08:29:20 AM »
Bump for those applying.

1. Fordham for NYC

2. Vandy for the South

3. BC for anywhere else

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