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Current Law Students / Re: Note to Downy!!!
« on: January 26, 2005, 02:23:53 PM »
This is a rather harsh letter. But I must say it is very well-written and well-thought out. I don't know Downy but it looks like from what I've seen and heard that you've nailed every pathetic aspect of his life.

Oh, everything you've seen and heard? With your 3 posts? You don't even know how to write a professional letter (I saw your thread where you say you "just can't think).

I've never talked to you before so why don't you keep my name out of your whorish male private part-sucking mouth, you worthless female dog?

Go cry female dog.


Current Law Students / Re: Note to Downy!!!
« on: January 25, 2005, 09:08:10 PM »
ahhhh yes.  downy.  the bi-polar, self-conscious troll who had to settle for an FTT.  how are all of you doing today?  (i have to be respectful of your many personalities).

still able to trick a few newbies after the 108 milligram dose of Concerta . . . good luck with that.

good luck with the criminal law gig as well.  everyone else finished criminal law last semester.  i guess at an FTT, they have to offer it both fall and spring so that disenfranchised sybil-trolls like yourself can get through it.

FTT? I go to Minnesota, USNews #19.

I had contracts, torts, conlaw 1 and civpro 1 last semester. This semester is civpro 2, conlaw 2, criminal law and property. Go @#!* yourself.

What TTT do you attend?

Current Law Students / Re: Note to Downy!!!
« on: January 25, 2005, 06:55:51 PM »
I have to read criminal law tonight, so I might not have time until later to pwn you shitfaces. Let me offer a preview now of what's to come later.

clicquot: Thanks for the props. It's about time these losers-fuckers get their *&^% together and learn that they will be lucky to work for us someday.

Hurley: You're a f-ing idiot and I have established this on the pre-law board. Later I will find the thread in which I quote you as having ruined your life by not being able to get into law school. You are clearly a complete failure in everything that you do. I even coined a term after you- "failure-fucker," which is defined as someone who has irrepairably damaged their career by being a failure. I've been here longer than you and pwn3d smarter morons than you. Get a life and get off my nuts you pathetic loser.

Joe: You're obviously a dipshit and a newbie. You really aren't worth my time. If I took a *&^% on your head you would be forever in my debt.


First of all, for someone who doesn't even go to law school- you have balls to voice your 2 cents.

First, I am a law student, probably at a better school than you. Eat *&^%.

Second, correcting your factual error regarding USNews is not my “2 cents,” it is a statement of fact.

Third, I doubt you are a law student, but if you are it is obvious you attend a rancid TTT.

USNews is bull put out by liberals.  Ever noticed some conservative schools making the top?  Not much. 

Read the methodology on the USNews site- the rankings are not due to liberalism.

Second, have you ever heard of the Univ. of Chicago? It’s number 5 (I think) and is well-known as being a conservative school.

Third, there simply are not many conservative schools, and the ones that are conservative are usually TTTs. Sorry that the Univ. of Mississippi isn’t going to beat out Harvard anytime soon.

Next time why don’t you attempt to make an educated argument instead of relying on some unfounded, ridiculous theory about a liberal conspiracy.

Also, Yale & Harvard always fluctuate.  Think (try not to think too hard) about this Downy- they have to rotate Yale & Harvard otherwise their stupid magazine will look the same every year & no one would buy it.[/b]

This is just wrong. Do some f**cking research before you open your stupid face again. Yale has been above Harvard for at least the last 5 years.

Also, your claim that rotating Harvard and Yale is key to getting people to buy the magazine is simply asinine. This degree of stupidity warrants no response.

As I've mentioned before, where's the PROOF for this?  I know many people (as I've said in another post) that ended up doing a hell of a lot better than the people that go to Yale & Harvard.  That holds more ground than what the "oh so prestigious" US News says.

I was waiting for you to make the typical ‘TTT exceptions’ argument. This brand of argument goes as follows- I know (usually by hearsay or anecdote) about someone who went to a crappy law school and did better than someone at Harvard, Yale, etc.


Humans spontaneously combust sometimes- that doesn’t mean it’s likely to happen. Maybe some TTT students get good jobs and occasionally a Harvard student doesn’t. SO WHAT? You are attempting to reject a general trend with circumstantial evidence that does nothing to mitigate the truth that on balance a Harvard student will do better in life than a TTT student.

Hey, I know someone who cut his male private part off and it grew back- clearly, from this one isolated anomaly, it is now certain that humans can regenerate.

See how stupid you make yourself look when you apply statistically insignificant hearsay against general trends supporting by empirical data?

Employers are always concerned sure- about the GMAT, MCAT and all these little entrance exams.  In the end, it comes down to the person not the school their mommy & daddy got them in.

Actually, employers DO NOT really care about the LSAT. They care about your class rank and the school you attend. Do some research on legal jobs before you spew more asinine bull.

Second, many people get into good schools without “mommy and daddy.” I know it must sting to attend a TTT like you do, but that doesn’t mean EVERYONE who goes to a better school than you got in illegitimately.

Third, how do “mommy and daddy” even get someone into law school? Unless you’re stupid enough to think most T1 students donate millions to the school, I think you will be hard pressed to refute LSAT and GPA as barometers of admissions decisions by law schools.

Just in case you don’t believe that schools actually look at LSAT scores and GPA, feel free to go to, which has data on all the schools. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume you’ve never heard of that site.

[/b]HELLO?????????????????????????????????????????  So it must be true what people have said about you.  You have been living under a rock and posting your garbage posts from there.  NOT EVERYONE WHO GOES TO SAY (let's use Yale here) comes out to be a good lawyer.  As a matter of fact, my aunt went there and my other aunt went to NYU and IMO, they are both dumber than a pile of bricks.  [/b]

No, I don’t live under a rock, but I am curious to see the logical path you took to get to this conclusion from my posting a response your baseless claims. My guess is that you had another mental stall-out, yes?

Second, not everyone who goes to Yale will be a good attorney. That’s fine.

You don’t seem to comprehend two factors- 1. people at Yale are more likely to become good attorneys versus those at TTTs. 2. More people at Yale will become good attorneys relative to those at TTTs, assuming of course that a “good attorney” is measures by things such as job placement, starting salary, clerkships and bar passage.

If you have other criteria to measure attorneys I am interested to hear about it.

I think I pretty much summed up every one of your comments.

I think you should invest in a reading comprehension class prior to the LSAT and/or law school. You are currently reading at a fourth grade level, which could prove detrimental to your ability to succeed at anything in life. I suggest contacting your local high school and inquiring about remedial language courses.

Also, let it be known that all of your “arguments” in this post are the common TTT student justification arguments. You need to justify your dismal life outlook so you resort to nonsensical claims about good schools. I’m sure this practice of factual error coupled with zealous adherence to idiotic conspiracy theories and hearsay will serve you well in life.

Keep telling yourself that you’re going to get the job over those Yale grads. Feast on the delusions that allow you to sleep at night.


Do you even know what this means?



Tier 1 is just ranked the top 10 schools.  Honestly, it's all bull rated by the people at USNWR and 1 other liberal-ass magazine.  Notice that "Harvard" is always rated first for no apparent reason other than it's Harvard!  Yippee!!


Tier 1 is USNews top 50. Also, Harvard has NOT been number 1 for several years. Yale has been number 1 for quite some time, followed by Harvard at number 2.

These schools are ranked as such for more than "no apparent reason." The apparent reasons have to do with job placement, starting salaries, clerkships, interviews of employers in the field regarding school quality and admissions criteria.

You'll notice that people on this forum are OBSESSED with ratings and that's only because they have nothing better to do.  More than half of them aren't even going to come out to be good lawyers.

Nice generalization. Unfortunately, many employers are relatively concerned, if not obsessed, with rankings as well. This means that the rankings are relevant, assuming the end goal of law school is to find a job.

In terms of people not coming out to be good lawyers: what basis do you have for this? Seems like a ridiculous assertion. Also, it should be noted that your research skills are subpar, as seen by your incorrect statements about USNews and the rankings.

Just do your thing at your school- get good grades, get on the law review and you'll end up  doing just FINE!!!!

This is the only true thing you've said. However, this does not mean rankings are irrelevant.


Current Law Students / Re: Book Briefing
« on: January 22, 2005, 12:44:36 PM »
DOWNY loves everyone too!

Current Law Students / Re: Book Briefing
« on: January 22, 2005, 02:06:29 AM »

Oh and I'm with you about DOWNY, some of the funniest stuff I've read in a while, but also sometimes content which causes concern.

What content? I take it WAY EASY on this site. You should read my posts on the pre-law board.

Current Law Students / Re: 1st Semester GPA
« on: January 20, 2005, 09:09:32 PM »
yeah it's all class rank. grades alone don't mean much.

Current Law Students / Re: Book Briefing
« on: January 20, 2005, 09:07:41 PM »
That's good to know. I seem to have alienated everyone else. I even got JeffJoe to dramatically quit the board forever, which is pretty awesome.

Current Law Students / Re: Book Briefing
« on: January 20, 2005, 08:43:31 PM »
Or on how much of an a-hole DOWNY is being at the moment.

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