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I think the provocateurs and instigators actually stopped a while ago. It's just that all the p.c. people and AA apologists on this board have put up so many of their own threads of outrage and indignation, that it just seems like it was meant to happen on MLK day.

And, just in case you didn't get the message, I'm firmly against AA in theory and in practice.

an agent provocateur?

I will readily admit that I had a role in stoking the firestorm that has occurred. I took divisive, conservative positions, but I never started any anti-AA threads of my own.

provocateur=secret agent

Incorrect: a secret agent is someone who may merely spy without actually doing anything more destructive.

an agent provocateur is someone who tries to stir things up, start a riot (in this case, a figurative riot - starting another thread on AA to see people get all worked up)

Just wondering. I think its stupid to fight this on a day celebrating someone who helped end segregation. I will now step off my soap box for the next bleeding heart... ::)


maybe the reason for all these AA posts on the day honoring someone who helped end segregation is....

because AA is an attempt at erecting another form of segregation?

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