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Runnin Thangs- look into local grad chapters

that's the one good thing about the midwest.

i used to stay in a 3 bedroom townhouse with garage, washer/dryer, driveway, backyard, 3 stories, all for $750 a month. period.

I can't in my right mind pay more than a G for rent. Its just not in my programming.

from the midwest originally?

So Burning Sands- what fraternity are you a part of ?

Goodness my apt was $1795 a month in DC.. I'm paying a lot less for my house now.

blk reign - that's wsup.  I feel that.  keep your options open.  to be honest with you, i only want to practice, at most, for 5 years year out of law school. (patents) Probably not even that.  i'm looking to do real estate development. I have an architctural engineering background.  But now that my partner in crime ladyday has made her list I have my own list for you:

#1. did you take barbri for the Bar and was it necessary?
#2. how is the hiring going out there for firms in this Bush era economy?
#3. is their any truth in the hype about regional schools vs. "top 14 schools" and getting a job anywhere you want?
#4. which is worse, a B in a substantive class or a B in LRW?

I didn't take any barbri courses and I did fine with the bar. Sometimes independent study is better than shelling out $$$. I firmly believe there's a hiring freeze depending on where you're located. B in LRW is worse IMO.  The Hype is just what it is...

I spent my 1L summer recouping from undergrad, my second yr of grad school and my first yr of law school. Basically I sat in my apt the entire summer trying to figure out why I chose social suicide LOL. My 2L I worked for Holland and Knight.

I had a job offer- turned it down because of a death in my fam. Timing is everything.

It would probably be easier for you to find a job on the east coast as opposed to the West. DC is a bit more flexible with 1L's.

Burning Sands: Real Estate Development huh? Interesting. I've been thinking about Real Estate as well and Will and Trusts as of late.

yeah the burbs are null and void in the NYC

thanks Ladyday- what's your specialization?


Ladyday:I'm doing well. Dealing with some insomnia lol. What's your specification? Thanks for the compliment- it was a long hard road but I am just grateful that it is over. :)

Regal_Muse: I passed the Illinois bar (where I'm from originally). Overall the experience went pretty well for me.Though I must admit that I hated Tort law courses. I entered a dual MA/JD program so my social interaction was very limited.

Burning Sands: I interned at Holland & Knight my second yr. The experience was a beast.

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