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... her/his weirdness ... He/she has made an ass of her/himself

Verbally abusive and harassing.

Since the moderators don't seem to care. I will be highlighting inappropriate posts to draw attention to the atrocious moderating on this board.

i like your red words. why do you do them?  don't you think they are a big wast of time?  does it add significance to your post?  just curious.

It highlights words I would like to emphasize. Takes only a second.

according to your opinion, they should be represented just like the other 200+ schools...but they aren't, are they? 

I don't speak with people who put words in my mouth. Please move on. Now I know why most offices hire security. Keeps the riff-raff out.

really? so which tier of school has the best looking women?

Well I did a dating analysis in the thread below. Note that you shouldn't only grade the attractiveness of the girls. You should also grade the attractiveness of the guys, since they will be your competition.,21554.msg310343.html#msg310343

because all the hot smart girls go to the t-14  :-*

I would guess T-14 students are less attractive. Without naming names, I believe the avatars on this board back me up.

I'll say it one last time, but not any more. Federal Judge in a city like Chicago is a legal dream job. They are very sought after and highly prestigious. They are the equivalent of Managing Director at a top law firm. Just being the clerk to one of these judges is a dream job.

The way people talk on this board, you would expect all these positions to be filled by HYSCCN. There are plenty of HYSCCN candidates to fill these positions, so how could they possibly go to a non-HYSCCN?

These Northwestern, Illinois, Loyola, Marshall and Wyoming grads were better than their HYSCCN peers. Right now, there are thousands of HYSCCNers who dream of these positions, but they can't get them, because they're not good enough (in the opinion of the President and the US Congress.)

there's no list that says: "this is the job every lawyer would want to have. clearly, since the majority of the people on this list did not go to a top ranked school, ranking doesn't matter."

You're hopelessly wrong, but I can't waste time educating hopeless people. You've stated your opinion, so you're free to move on.

i don't think a list like you're wanting exists.

So there is no list of successful legal professionals which includes a significant number of sub T-14? I see. Well, now that you've said whats on your mind, I guess you're free to move along to another thread?

If you have a better list then please feel free to post it. If you don't, please do not address future posts to me. I get nothing of value from your responses.

says who? you?

Says the people who hired them over HYSCCN candidates. These Judges are nominated by the President of the United States and confirmed by the United States Congress.

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