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I'm just wondering - *why* is ambulance chasing unethical?  As in, showing up at an accident, and giving the injured party your card (as a lawyer).

Does that apply to any situation, where you see someone who you think could use legal services?

denk, out of curiosity, what do you want to study?

i, personally, think it tacky to chase disaster for business. i don't know about most people, but it's right up there with giving the widow a funeral services card right after her hubby has died in my book.

BUT you know, there's a time and place for everything. some have the ability to put all humanity aside for one second for a buck. and, IF it serves that person and the people they help (ultimately) then i say why the hell not.

There are less Jews at Virginia Tech than any other minority.  As such, we get stereotyped horribly here.  Accordingly, I do not understand why Jews are not afforded minority status for law school applications, especially since we go through many (not all since we can pass for white in some uncomfortable situations) of the same things that other minorities go through.  Why are eskimos considered to be a minority for law school admissions purposes, but not Jews?  I guarantee that Jews go through more bull than eskimos (what is the PC term for eskimos anyway?). 

i'll quote myself...i'll use the same post i used for the asian urm question...

"can you handle the truth? i think others have been helpful in touching the surface about this here though..."

i was looking at some statistics, and i was wondering why the asian race is not considered an under-represented minority.

they make up only about 2% of the law profession, while making up 3.6% of the total population. while they are not as "under-represented" as a whole than other minorities, namely hispanics who make up 12.5% of the total population but have only 3.9% in law, they are still under represented as a percentage of the total population.

so what gives?

*these statistics are from the 2000 census, fyi.

can you handle the truth?

i think others have been helpful in touching the surface on this topic though...

Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / Re: The Word "Negrocrat"
« on: June 02, 2006, 11:12:28 PM »
Hello everyone:
      I need your help in researching the word "Negrocrat". What is it's origin, it's first use, what group was it use to decribe, and by who. What is it's current definition, who is aptly define by it.


adrian! adrian! adrian!   :D

rocky indeed ;)

Black Law Students / Re: 1L's & Current Black Law Students
« on: June 02, 2006, 11:09:12 PM »
Yeah, it does.  Every year I'm afraid I won't get finaid b/c I entered the wrong code...

dude! alci! what's up? haven't seen you around these parts in a while. trouble with entering numbers on your keypad huh? See what Yale's done to ya? ;

Incoming 1Ls / Re: The "I Just Resigned" Thread
« on: June 02, 2006, 11:04:28 PM »
Wednesday was my last day, and this wednesday I get to sign up for unemployment!  (I was let go because my department at my firm was finished with work)  So now I am sitting back and...... being terribly bored.. I kinda want to bartend or something to pass the time..

why won't they just lay me off!!!!!!!!!!!!

how do you say, "lay me off" without saying huh...lay me off! please! now!

The entire purpose of picking out a law school being future job prospects, rankings minutiae are largely irrelevant. On the other hand, Joe Schmoe isn't a law firm, he's Joe Schmoe because he doesn't know anything about law schools.



Incoming 1Ls / Re: law school or debt pay off
« on: June 02, 2006, 10:52:28 PM »
nice pix! did you take it?

Choosing the Right Law School / Re: HOW GOOD IS FLORIDA STATE ?
« on: June 02, 2006, 10:49:30 PM »
as good as you make it ;D

[quote removed]

do it. what do you have to lose? nothing.

nothing ventured, nothing gained.

and, i can ramble on, quoting people but really. REALLY! do it. do it. do it. do it:)

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