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I was deferred from Penn, but accepted by NYU. I don't think that my numbers make me a lock at Harvard or Columbia, but I did expect to get into Penn. I didn't write the "Why Penn?" essay or a "diversity statement" or anything like that, and I think that many of those who were deferred with good numbers didn't either. Yield protection seems to be the rule, unfortunately.

Choosing the Right Law School / Penn EA Question
« on: January 02, 2005, 05:54:12 AM »
I know that this is coming a bit late, but I have a question for those who were either deferred or admitted by Penn this December. Rumors were circulating a few weeks ago that those with high numbers who did not write the "Why Penn?" essay were automatically deferred. Is there anyone whose experience contradicts this? My numbers are 4.0 / 169 from an Ivy and I was deferred. I'm trying to figure out whether this was due to some weakness in my app, or because I didn't take the time to write the supplemental essay. So... I'd appreciate it if people would share if they wrote "Why Penn?" and what happened to them with their Penn EA apps. Thanks.

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