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Hey Ruskie, thanks for bringing up Panther. It reminds me. We all need to congratulate him on his new song. It's tearing up the clubs right now, especially in the midwest. You know what I'm talking about.

White Turtleneck.

I slang in my white turtleneck
I bang in my white turtleneck
All in the club spittin game in my white turtleneck
I bling in my white turtleneck
serve fends in my white turtleneck
f*ck a throwback
I look clean in my white turtleneck

I forget the rest...

But congrats!


Regal--nice response to the BOOTY question.  ;)
Also, you're anyone bigger than a size 2 response to the question is a little harsh.  By Regals definition, is there anyone on this board who isn't overweight?  :P ::) ??? 8) :D

Well, I know when I put on a dress and go out to the clubs, it is very hard for me to squeeze my thick firm buttocks into a size 2. But I do manage, girl.

*makes wierd neck motions and waves hand uncontrollably*

edit: I'm joking

I'll answer the booty question if all the guys tell us their accurate penis size.

LOL! Well played. I admire your skills.

What does it take to get a booty question answered around here?

Why do I have to be a negro now? The N-word isn't allowed.

That isn't the n-word

Nice? Nice is such a cliche term these days. I'm honest. People are so focused on making sure everyone likes them that they sugar coat their opinions. The way I see it, if you don't like what I have to say, then live with it. There are tons of people out there who I disagree with but live goes on.

Saying fat people are disgusting isn't exactly PC, but most people do look at them that way. So what's worse, hiding my feelings or being fake about it?

lol Hilarious. You're a funny little negro.

RBG, you are so silly.  LOL.

Does this mean she has a big one? would I know?  And why would I want to know?

Iono. Girl talk?

RBG, you are so silly.  LOL.

Does this mean she has a big one?

Actually I do. Smokers and heavy drinkers should pay their own medical care as well.  ;) We all have choices. Get help if you have some kind of mental issue.

People in our society are full of excuses. Someone eats too much--> they have a disorder. Everything is psychological these days. Someone can't just be fat; they have to have some disorder.  ::) It's pathetic if you ask me.

So I'm not compassionate because I think being obese is avoidable and unhealthy?

Regal, you don't seem very nice. I like that! How big is your booty?

Oh lord. I'm an 8 even with my blonde wig and baby powder on my face pretending to be a crackhead?! Golly gosh! THANKS!  ;)

Everyone should get tested regardless if you are a 1 or a 10 LOL.

If a man is going to get tested just so he can be in the running for the booty sweepstakes, I'm hoping you're hot.

Wow, not taking anything away from Regal, but this is a real chauvinistic and limiting point of view. No wonder HIV is spreading like a forest fire.

I don't see how it's chauvanistic. It probably came off wrong. My bad.

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