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General Off-Topic Board / Re: This guy had some huge balls!!!!!!!!
« on: February 08, 2005, 07:29:35 PM »
I read another article about this guy - he apparently was on some kind of psychoactive medication and should not have been drinking (obviously)...

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Georgetown
« on: February 08, 2005, 10:40:51 AM »
Georgetown is a TTT anyway. You can surely do better.

Some schools may not be OK with the method I used above. Northwestern contacted me yesterday and claimed they could only accept an electronic copy of the FAFSA SAR, directly from the government. In other words, I'll have to submit corrections.

Thanks!  Totally not weird, although with your 174 I'd say you have a better shot than me at HYS (I applied to Stanford only because I have to give CA some love after living there for 20 years and because this attorney I work with practically FORCED me)  I'm pysched about Northwestern though.  Since I went to Georgetown undergrad I kind of felt like getting in there was only like a half acceptance (I had an LOR call the dean's office personally on my behalf).  I've been told since that the majority of calls like that don't really get people in (since there are so many of them) so I do feel ok about it now, but getting into a school all on my own valition with no wondering on what made the big different is GREAT.  Also because I literally wrote the addendum on "why I want to go to Northwestern" about 5 minutes before I transmitted my application.  It feels good, I'm sure you'll receive an email in your inbox in no time.

To those who haven't gotten one, there's a chance it's alphabetical.  Judging from Burgh, my last name starts with C, perhaps they are taking the applicants in groups like that...just a thought...

It might take me a little longer, since I'm not even complete yet, but seeing you get in makes me pretty confident that I will too. (knock on wood)

Are you right out of undergrad? I can't remember...if you are, congrats again since NU seems to really prefer the WE. They probably like that IBD cert. too - did you write a blurb telling them how prestigous that is?

Did you write a "why X" addendum for each school? I wrote one for Yale, and put in an extra paragraph in my PS for Harvard and Stanford, but I didn't otherwise...hope that's not a big deal.

I love that you applied 3 weeks before me. Our stats are so similar (and our list of schools) that it's like knowing in advance, without any chance of disappointment. Sorry if that's disturbing, but it does rock..

Hoya Saxa...

No, not yet. They haven't received the paper copy of the report.....

I just got the email a moment ago as well.  Came out of a BORING meeting to find that I'd gotten into a great law school....I should have boring meetings more often!

When did they request your LSAT report?  I submitted my app on 1/06 (I saw that you submitted yours 1/03) but am not complete yet.  They didn't request my report until 1/21. 

Weird. I submitted on 1/21 and my report was requested the same day, literally within seconds. Did I get lucky and submit right before they requested a batch of reports? Or do they just request on specific days, and 1/21 happened to be one of them...?

Congrats, all of you! I'm visiting next weekend if you want any advance scout work (and you haven't visited yourself already).

Law School Admissions / Re: February - the last month for acceptances
« on: February 07, 2005, 10:56:48 AM »
LSN is useless for averages since it is so highly skewed, but good to see where the line of admit is. If you look at thier charts you can see that there generally is a line above which almost everyone gets in and below which almost nobody gets in.

Exactly the point I was about to make. Look at last-year's graphs and almost all schools show a clear line, the slope of which indicates how LSAT or GPA-whorish they are. You'll see outlier dots for URMs, criminals/problem apps, and soft-factor admits, but the line is usually clear. The best way to find it is to trace the waitlists.

Law School Admissions / Re: February - the last month for acceptances
« on: February 07, 2005, 06:21:32 AM »
This might be true to some extent, but shouldn't anyone not a presumptive admit or deny get held until after the deadline anyway? Every school I know does this. Some "defer" you, many others just make you wait.

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