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Five of those six are hardly reputable institutions.  Also, with AA it might not be a fluke, if he weren't a URM he wouldn't have even received one offer.

Pump up his ego all you want, I just think he should be more focused on getting through the conditional program before he thinks about being in the top 5% of his class.  Reality check.  It isn't going to happen.

Oh I definately hear you and I definately say much of what I say to elicit a response.  I just wanted to emphasize that it isn't really the case with LL.  I give him props for his ambition so I honestly don't find myself laughing at him.

On the other points, I agree 110%.  The diference between myself and the tool bags on this site that like to argue with me is this: When I sign offline I get on with my life and have a wonderful time doing what I do....  When they get offline (for that hour a day when they are either sh!tting, showering, or eating) they ruminate about what a dirtbag I am lol.

P.S. I spelled difference wrong above....  I am going to fail miserably at law school  ;).

Don't take what everyone said to heart LL, its the nature of this board.  Some people are going to help you, some are going to be brutally honest, and some will be brutally honest to get a few laughs at your expense...i.e. erapitts posts in this thread.  Nothing personal. (I hope at least) I just know that there are a large number of people that would Kill to be in your position, and I'm sure people on this board have good friends who got screwed by the LSAT or themselves have been screwed by the test and are quite sensative when they see an URM making claims that he might not be happy with something that (as they see) was handed to you on a silver platter.  You can understand that right?  Thats just the way some people are man.

I don't think I fall under the category of being brutally honest to have a few laughs at his expense.  I think I just fall under the being brutally honest category.  I have nothing against LL, other than that he is from Philly ;), but that isn't personal haha.

Transferring within T2 is pointless and maybe even to a T1 if it is not a T20 (it wouldn't make that much of a difference, still a very regional degree).  The reality is there is a very very very slim chance he would ever score well enough to do a T20 transfer.

Not to mention, why would you look so far down the road?  You should pass your conditional program first (that IS what it is whether you want to admit it or not), then worry about transferring.

No offense dude but you should be damn happy you got into law school at all let alone talking about transferring.

Current Law Students / Re: poor lawyers
« on: May 07, 2006, 03:45:28 PM »
That wasn't my point.  My point is $90-100K in DC is middle class.  Add in a $1,000/month loan payment into the mix and you aren't even able to buy a home in this area.  A 2 BR Condo runs around $400K+ and that is a CONDO.  Homes start around $650K in a decent suburb, not to mention you will likely want your kids to go to private school since most Northern VA public schools are horrible.

I was just making a point that DC is overpriced and although it may seem like you will be making big bucks here, you won't be. 

This is pretty accurate as far as the real estate market goes, but you are dead wrong about the public schools in northern va being horrible. Check this link out:

There are 4 fairfax county/arlington schools listed in the top 50. The top 200 has 11 schools from nova. Granted, there are a few real bad schools in the mix, but clearly there are a lot of good choices also.

I read that article, but from what I have heard voiced from parents in this area is that those are schools inthe wealthiest parts of NOVA.

Current Law Students / Re: poor lawyers
« on: May 05, 2006, 03:18:57 PM »
What type of government work will you be making 100K after 5 years?  I've never heard of that before.  I didn't even think US Attorneys made that after 5 years.

I simply said that $90-100K is dirt around here.  I will be making GS-13 or GS-14 in another 3 years.  GS-13 will be roughly $80-85K and GS-14 will be around $90-95K in that time considering the 3.1% increase per year (on average).

erapitt should even be here at all - the moderator should not allow it to post on the Students/Graduates board until it begins law school.

I did not realize this was a restricted site.... Oh wait, it is not.  Silly me.

Piss off nina. 

I don't know who downy was... but I don't think Erapitt is disgusting. Maybe rude, maybe blunt, maybe opinionated - but he's never seemed overtly crass or vulgar in his posts - he just has his opinion and will fight like a rabid badger to support it. Sometimes I think he takes those fights too far/personally, but he's certainly never said anything disgusting in any of his posts I've seen.

I didn't even look at "disgusting" to be literal, but that is a good point sphere.  I am NEVER vulgar in my posts and I never attack people in such a pathetic manner as those who created the anti-giraffe thread.

Current Law Students / Re: External Hard Drives
« on: May 01, 2006, 06:20:21 AM »
I always hated trying to convince customers that backups were a 'good thing' (I'm channeling Martha Stewart, pre indictment). It's even worse trying to explain that data recovery from a fried HD is really expensive.

Backup HDs are good. Burning a CD once a week with all your notes is good. Flash drives are good.

However, while I have a backup HD (mostly to back up computers I'm working on), I've noticed that all my law school notes are less than 500mb, including my 1L,2L summer jobs. An iPod would hold it all.

Damien- which shop did you work at? I used to work at Springboard.

Correct, but why not kill two birds with one stone?  Wouldn't you want everything on your computer safe and backed up?  I don't do regular backups of my entire hard drive or anything, but I do have one complete backup on my external.  Also, I have all of my MP3s and Photographs stored on the external.  Seems like a small investment.  Think of it as insurance.  The avg. joe spends thousands on that a year, why not spend $150 bucks on your data?

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