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Nobody is making Wilmington out to be NYC or DC.  They aren't very similar even.  I spent 4 weeks in Wilmington one time at a bifurcated IP trial.  I didn't see that many government monkeys or AIDS infected, non-english speaking criminals on the street, so it can't be too similar to DC or NYC. 

PS - that trial was ABB v. Schlumberger.  $21 million verdict, why don't you look it up?  Oh *&^%, I forgot, you don't even know the first thing about legal research.  why are you here again?

Directly from your post loser..........

I'm not searching all of your posts.  You also made the comment that NY is full of "non-english speaking criminals," are you going to deny that also?

I never said I didn't pop on after work.  Also, your clock must be wrong because I was long in bed at 11:30 last night, I get up at 0500.

I also find it really amusing that you assume I am going to do poorly on law school because of what I say to you on a public web forum.  It is pretty pathetic to make such a blind assumption.  Further proof that you are a moron.

As I said before... I am responding to you and getting paid for it.  You are sitting in your dorm feeling cool because you are fighting for the little guy. 

Its also pretty funny that I go out to eat, have a couple beers, then pop in here after checking my email, and you respond within minutes.  Yet you play it as 'I log off and have a wonderful life with millions of things to do.'  Erapitt, have you been hitting the refresh botton on your browser for two hours waiting for me to respond?  haha.

Dude, check your posts.  You are the one that instantly responds.  Hell, sometimes when I click "post" you have already written a new post and I get a warning before sumitting.  I simply take the time to write back and forth when I know you are going to say something ignorant or rude. 

I have no problem sitting behind my desk and taking a moment to "chat" with you.  After all, I am getting paid to do it.  You, on the other hand, have the choice to walk away from your desk and your computer, yet you sit here and bicker free of charge.

haha.  this guy has been imagining meeting me face to face.  Lets hear it, Erapitt, what would you do?  Why would I be humiliated?  Would you start arguing about how Delaware has no legal market again, despite nearly every corporation in the country being incorporated there?  Or would you start talking about your experience with contracts again...

Imagining?  You were the one that suggested you would start a fist fight if we met face to face.  It is soooo amusing to me how you continuously avoid your own nasty comments and try to turn it back on me. 

You really are pathetic.  Good luck to you.  You'll need it.

ha.  I must have hit a nerve.

If it makes you feel better to think so, go ahead.

I just stand up when being attacked as you do.

The bottom line is you get obscene and nasty when the discussion doesn't go your way.  You have proven to be a bigot and aren't worth my time.

Deep down you wish you could get to me the way I drive you nuts, but in reality, I sign off of here and go back to my normal, wonderful life that I feel very fortunate to have.  What you say on here has no bearing on that.  You will never be a coworker, never in a position to hire me or fire me, and we will never even likely run into each other randomly.

As far as we are both concered that is a good thing.  However, I can assure you, if we ever did meet face to face it would be you walking away feeling humiliated while I sauntered back to my car thinking about where to have dinner.

Talk to Giraffe or 4DClaw about the normal conversations we have had.

Also, you are a hypocrit.  Anybody that does a search will see you for the bigot and racist you are. 

You are a loser.  You were before today, you are now, and you still will be tomorrow. 

Ha.  Its funny how you kept bragging about you LSAT to me until I figured out that you and I had nearly identical scores (and that you were bragging about yours...haha).  Since I pointed that out you have moved onto imaginary things; you don't have anything else to grasp on to.  I guess I could correct you, but then I would be just like you: a loser bragging about his personal life through an anonymous IM handle.  There is a reason people don't introduce themselves as "Hi, I'm Joe, I have a free education and a beautiful wife."  Its because anyone who desperately seeks acceptance, or brags like that is obviously fundamentally flawed in another portions of their life.  Whats up with you, Erapitt?  Do you have a weight problem?  Aweful, disfiguring acne?  Are you a midget, or are you just impotent? 

My guess is that you have been floundering is some bad job for several years, dealing with 'contracts and deals,' in which you sometimes come in contact with lawyers.  For some time you have been kissing their ass all day, then going home to kick the dog and yell at your fat wife.  You lucked into an opportunity and are actually experiencing some level of success for the first time in your life.  Because it is so new to you, and because it is a shining beacon in your otherwise depressing existence, you come to an anonymous internet forum to brag.  But then again, thats just a guess.  Am I right? 

If not, please explain to us why anyone feels the need to spend their time saying bad things to people they will never meet.

I say it to get a rise out of you.  Plenty of people PM me and we exchange normal, civil conversation.  I assure you, my job is far from pathetic and my wife far from fat, but continue with the personal attacks if it makes you feel better for being a loser.

I simply get a kick out of watching turds like you that know nothing about the real world get fired up when I post my OPINION on their domain.

Also, my job requires no ass kissing at all whatsoever.  I am a government representative in the contracts I deal with so it is the vendors' lawyers that need to do the ass kissing.  In case you didn't notice, there is no shortage of companies that want to do business with the government.

I am still better than you ;).

Anyway, off to do something more productive with my time.  Say hi to jill for me.


Yes, it is impossible for me to know more about law school or the legal profession because I am not currently enrolled.  I only live in reality and work in the real world with lawyers everyday.  

Silly me.  I concede.  Florida, you are the best man, I wish I could be a nancy boy cupcake like you....

Nevermind, I like being employed.

Do you really think you know more about law school transfers than someone who has actually experienced it?

Erapitt, why don't you tell us about the sensation of walking on the moon.  It would be about as informative as your current babbling.

Yes, one man's experience with transferring is far superior to the information given to me by lawyers and law students combined over a year of deferment.

Again, it is still a word.  

Florida, you are a moron.  The difference between you and I is you get heated over this stuff while I sit back and laugh.  At the end of the week I have a nice paycheck, free school, and a beautiful wife to go home to.  You, on the other hand, have your school loans and lack of job options ahead of you.  Go back to your little dorm apartment and play with your girlfriend Jill the Sock and quit acting tough on the internet.

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