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Law School Admissions / What to do (past charges addendum)
« on: December 26, 2004, 05:24:41 PM »
Hello all, first time poster here.

Anyway, I am a current federal employee applying to part time programs in the DC area.  Nice GPA and LSAT score and am going to submit my applications tomorrow.  Questions regarding the criminal addendum:

In Jan. 2003 I was cited with Disorderly conduct outside of a party after calling 911 b/c a girl was all jacked up from booze.  The cop was basically a prick and cited me.  Anyway, magistrate dismissed the charge when I went to the hearing.  What do I put on the application?

In roughly Dec. 1999 I was arrested for underage drinking, posession of a fake ID, and public intoxication.  When I went to the hearing all charges were dropped and I pled guilty to disorderly conduct.  However, for some reason they must have messed up and put down public intox. as what I pled guilty for.  Obviously you can't have underage not guilty and public intox. guilty.  What should I put in this case?  Just roll with what the record says since it was so long ago and I don't know how it could possibly be resolved? 

Basically just wondering what I am supposed to put down and how it will affect the admissions process.  It is a total load of garbage that we need to list things that are dropped completely like the bogus disorderly but c'est la vie.

P.S.  I hope everybody is having a happy holiday season......

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