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don't expect any money from them. they're dried up at this point.

do you have other options for the fall? good luck, whatever the case may be.

Yeah even if accepted--I don't know how I would afford it.

Thanks, I am waiting for one other school at this point. It's in-state public so it's A LOT cheaper. Hopefully I'll be attending one of the two!

case05: That's an effing lot of money to park a car!

I wouldn't say hurricanes aren't a big deal. Ivan was a big deal in my hometown of Pensacola this year. Florida was devestated by all the hurricanes. I don't think that can be overstated. That said, there isn't really anything you can do about them, and I wouldn't let it bother you. Wait until the category 4 is headed right for the Texas coast before you start to seriously worry.

This is true... They are a big deal to those who are hit hard. I can tell you that my area only had minor damages from all three though. I guess I've been lucky--actually the Tampa area has been lucky--for a long time. I've been here all my life and I've never had heavy damage. Evacuations a couple times, but that's only when I lived really near the water.

Well, here, we have "hurricane days." Those are the best... Of course make sure you have the pop-tarts and beer. During the last hurricane we had a rough time finding something open.

I called the office today (still on hold) and I got the "you should hear within a week" response.

Good luck to anyone else out there who's still on hold... It might be that I am the only one. At least it feels like it.

Hi all! Ive been working on my transition to Houston, and I recently read an article that this hurricane season is expected to be even worse than last years. This is pretty much the only thing I am really concerned about. Has anybody been through a hurricane in Houston? Ive never been through one so what can I expect?

BTW...GOOD LUCK to everyone still waiting!!!

I believe I'm located within 1-2 hours of tegra... What he says is true.

During the three we had last year I didn't even lose power. Of course, I know lots of people who did for 1-3 days, so I was kind of lucky I guess. I chuck that up to being in a decent area and an apt. complex that has decent lines.

I called Case this morning and they said I should hear within a week. 99% chance I wouldn't be able to afford it anyway but, eh, why the hell not--I'll try it.

accept werbz...                 accept werbz...                 accept werbz...

Nevermind what I said before... I called FSU today and asked my status and the girl said that they were "reviewing" my application "right this moment." Umm... Then gave me the "We hope to get all the decisions out by the end of May" that I've heard a thousand times before. I see on LSN that basically nobody has received a decsion since the first week in May. I guess they're sending them out in batches.

Yeah I feel your pain... Xept I spent so much time studying for the logic games that I did fairly well on them--and neglected practicing the reading comp (which I figured would be MY easiest section). Didn't work out that way. But, yeah, if we'd have scored 170s we wouldn't be having this conversation right now.

I live in the Tampa area... I was hit by, what, three 'canes last season? My roomie and I went out and threw the football during all three of them. During the last one we almost borrowed a canoe and went out on the lake. Hindsight--should have done it.

Law School Admissions / Re: I have a confession too
« on: May 18, 2005, 01:49:08 PM »
I am not nearly as smart as my GPA would indicate or nearly as dumb as my LSAT would indicate.

Think anyone will notice in Law School?



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