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To all still waiting..... I hope someone hears something today or Sat....... we can't all wait for the last week in May, after all ;)

heheheh... The question is--what is the last week? Next week? We have that bastard half-week at the end. :)

Responded on other thread--but congrats, I'm glad you liked the school and that you're happy with your choice.

Hey congrats on your choice! I'm glad you like the school.

This is a tough one.  Usually, people don't improve by very much when they retake the LSAT... you might even do worse (keeping it real here). 

Why don't you send FSU a continued interest letter (or call to set up an interview).  Let them know that they're your first choice for this fall.  That might set you apart enough to get accepted. 

Yeah, I've done the letter... Followed up by an email to the Director of Admissions, which she said would be put in my file. The committee is supposedly reviewing it now. So, I'm guessing that it is probably too late for an interview.

I went complete in Jan, this wait is unbearable.

Okay here's the basic problem. I haven't heard back from my final two schools yet (why not state them--Case and FSU) but I am below median in both LSAT and GPA so I'm not confident. I need to decide if I want to reapply to Stetson (local) for the spring--with my numbers and a LOR I can probably get in fine OR wait until next October, retake the LSAT, and try again at FSU.

My take: FSU is 20K a year cheaper, a better school, and I want to get out of the area. I'd really like to go there and it distresses me that they seem to be taking a lot of people with an LSAT of 156+ and not too many below that (mine: 154). That's beside the point though. Money is a factor, and of course placement after is a factor.

The only thing that concerns me is waiting another year to start and there's no guarantee that I'll be taken the next round. I'm in my mid-late 20s, I am not in the legal field (I'm in the IT field--I'm good at it, and I hate it) so I'm not gaining experience, and I'm anxious to start my legal career. I should mention that I have a Criminal Justice + International Studies degree, so I am not an "engineer" as most people would think of one--though it's in my title.

So I'm leaning towards waiting a year. I'm probably writing this just to hear you guys tell me that this is what I should do... But I'm open to all comments--you can even bash me if you want! :)

Accept werbz...ooohhhhmmmm...Accept werbz...ooohhhhmmmm...Accept pluto...ooohhhhmmmm...Acccept pluto...ooohhhhmmmm...Accept terga...ooohhhhmmmm...Accept terga...ooohhhhmmmm....

Thanks yankykitten! I hope all these good thoughts do something.

Wolfie: I would definately send that... Talk to someone in admissions and ask them if you can first, they'll say yes, then email it to them. Follow that with a paper copy--this late in the game if you fedex overnight it or something that might help impressing someone. Good luck!


Lane where are you??????......


I think I saw on another thread that he was visiting a school today... Ave Maria?

Thanks for the luck--it seems we need it. I have a "within a week" and a "being reviewed as we speak" from my two schools.

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Re: Admitted to FSU?
« on: May 19, 2005, 11:00:46 AM »
Anyone know if FSU is calling to let people know that they are in or is it snail-mail?

don't expect any money from them. they're dried up at this point.

do you have other options for the fall? good luck, whatever the case may be.

Yeah even if accepted--I don't know how I would afford it.

Thanks, I am waiting for one other school at this point. It's in-state public so it's A LOT cheaper. Hopefully I'll be attending one of the two!

case05: That's an effing lot of money to park a car!

I wouldn't say hurricanes aren't a big deal. Ivan was a big deal in my hometown of Pensacola this year. Florida was devestated by all the hurricanes. I don't think that can be overstated. That said, there isn't really anything you can do about them, and I wouldn't let it bother you. Wait until the category 4 is headed right for the Texas coast before you start to seriously worry.

This is true... They are a big deal to those who are hit hard. I can tell you that my area only had minor damages from all three though. I guess I've been lucky--actually the Tampa area has been lucky--for a long time. I've been here all my life and I've never had heavy damage. Evacuations a couple times, but that's only when I lived really near the water.

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