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militancy: i got the pm, i'll just address it here :)

1) i can't speak for which would be better; i'm not really familiar with widener or how well they're represented in philly  :-\  i checked out and there are actually a few firms from philly that do on-campus interviews at duquesne.  another idea would be to browse through the attorneys out that way, see which (if any) have gone to either duquesne or widener, and try to get in touch with them regarding employment prospects in the region.

2) i'm trying to think of any classmates that i know from philly.  i know we have a few kids from out east, and a couple from nyc area, and some more that went to undergrad out that way.  if i had to guesstimate, i'd say 5-10 in my section are from the philly area  ???

hope that helps :)

lawschoolhopeful: you're definitely welcome.  feel free to pm, im, or post here :)

The fact that duquesne students have are arrogant is hilarious to me. Most of them bombed the LSAT and have low GPAs. I love overestimated self-worth.....

considering my classmates, i'm not sure i would consider that a "fact."

Simmer down. You can get as mad as you like, its still a T3. You aren't going to have a section full of scholars. I didn't say ALL are subpar, but most are. That is the way it is. Look at the medians buddy and stroke your ego elsewhere.

i wasn't equating "arrogant" with "section full of scholars."  you said "the fact" was that "duquesne students have are arrogant."  i was just responding to that, which seemed pretty all-inclusive.

and i, along with (most of) my classmates, understand that the reason(s) that we're at duquesne.  for the majority of us, our numbers weren't good enough to get in higher-ranked schools.

mad?  nope!  simmer down?  k!  stroke?  no, thanks ;)

i'll just run down the list and give my opinion :)

How would you describe your classmates?

"as expected" ... you have your regular array of classmates, generally.  there are a few 'frat types' (please draw your own conclusion LOL), there are the very quiet/shy kids, the "my parents are both lawyers and i'm not afraid to talk about it" kids, the "my parents are both lawyers and i don't want anyone to know" kids, the sociable, outgoing kids, etc.

i can only speak for my section, but i wasn't too surprised by my 'mix' of classmates this year.  all in all, the super competitive atmosphere is lacking, though kids do tend to show their true colors around finals time.

concerning the previous 'arrogant' remarks, i must say that i don't really notice it, if it is indeed present.  perhaps i'm just ignorant to it, or hell.. perhaps i'm the arrogant one and can't see it :)  regardless, i believe a vast majority of law students tend to take on a slightly arrogant edge at one time or another. 

also, what is regarded as "arrogance" by some may merely be the fact that a 'stranger' is walking around and freely intermingling with a small group of students who have, in essence, been locked in rooms with each other 5 days/week for the past 6 or 7 months.  walk into any law school and you're likely to be confronted with this by at least a segment of the students (just my $.02).

i definitely cannot say that students aren't clique'ish, though.  that seems to be the trend through all 3 years of law school, at least at duquesne.  i guess that can be a good or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it (and which clique you gravitate toward ;))

How would you describe the faculty/staff in terms of helpfulness and approachability?

of the professors i've had this year, i would say that every single one is helpful/approachable, at least in their own way.  some may seem harder to approach than others, but i've found that once you actually take the steps to do so, they're all very willing to help.

I've been asking what the curve was and I could never get a straightforward answer so I was wondering if you could tell me

as far as i know, this year's 1L class is supposed to center on a C.  i don't have anything to back that up, i guess it's just something i picked up along the way.

Do you (or any other students you know of)have any job prospects lined up for this summer as 1L's?

i'm taking a slightly unorthodox route with my law life (attempting to use it to get back into sports), so my path may veer from the main road a little.  i do have classmates who (claim to) have clerk positions and internships lined up though.  many of them seem to have used outside connections to obtain them, whether they be family members, family friends, etc.  that's life :)

Are you happy overall with your decision to go there?

very.  i had one heck of a time deciding between duquesne and psu-dickinson, but feel i made the right choice.


i think that about covers it, feel free to ask anything else on your mind.  i haven't been around this board for awhile but figured i'd drop in to see how things were going for this year's incoming class.  i did learn a lot here last spring/summer, so i'm only too glad to try to help out.

The fact that duquesne students have are arrogant is hilarious to me.  Most of them bombed the LSAT and have low GPAs. I love overestimated self-worth.....

considering my classmates, i'm not sure i would consider that a "fact."

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Non-Tablet Laptop for Law School
« on: April 04, 2006, 12:24:53 PM »
i use an ibm thinkpad x40 and i'm very happy with it.

the thinkpads have top-notch keyboards.  in fact, i like this keyboard so much that i bought a lenovo thinkplus keyboard for my desktop, which uses the same mechanics of the thinkpad keyboards.

the laptop is a 12" ultraportable without an optical drive, however that hasn't been much of a bother as i use a flash/thumb drive for just about everything that would normally be handled with an optical drive (file transfers, software loading, etc.).

the x41 came out after my x40, and the x60-series is now out, which contains a new intel mobile cpu.

i picked up my laptop with 512ram, 20gig hd (a bit on the small side, but i only use it for school), wireless, and an extra battery for under 1500/shipped.  they'll be even cheaper now that the x60's are out.

again, highly recommended.. so much, actually, that fellow classmates have been considering them after seeing and "playing with" mine.

Incoming 1Ls / Re: Finals Truly Suck!
« on: December 07, 2005, 09:39:39 PM »
it does.  our class average on a closed memo assignment was a D+.  wake up time.

prime + .5% (apparently the best at my school, according to the flyer they sent me a couple weeks ago)

credit scores of 767/799

yeah, me too.

Financial Aid / Re: Citibank private loan fees???
« on: June 29, 2005, 11:47:39 AM »
yes that quoted PRIME + .5% minimum came from a duquesne-completed packet they sent me.  maybe that has something to do with it?

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