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Choosing the Right Law School / Re: Cornell or Vanderbilt?
« on: April 07, 2005, 09:02:24 PM »
GO TO VANDY! (and like nontradmike i'm not just saying that because i'm on cornell's reserve list and it's my first choice)  but seriously, go to vandy.

I hope your question mark was about my manhood and not my humor.

your hopes are correct, the question mark was about your manhood, not your humor.  i speculated that you are a man, but your avatars are never you so there was no way to tell...   :)

phi beta kappa and phi kappa phi are both "good" honor societies  (as opposed to ttt's like golden key, national collegiate, etc.).  however, phi beta kappa is far more prestigious than phi kappa phi.  the only reason phi kappa phi exists is so that people can say, "at least i'm in phi kappa phi" when they don't get invited to phi beta kappa.  and phi beta kappa also has a secret handshake!!  (which i wouldn't know, cause i'm not in it :) )

twarga, i advocate that you go back to the old quote you had under your avatar...  the first time i saw it i laughed out loud and everyone around me (in a quiet computer lab) thought i was nuts.

and laneswerver, you are a funny funny man (?).


the cia has announced that three weeks heretofore, unbeknowest to us plebians, alien invaders have convened on the fordham law school admissions committee!  in the midst of being experimented on the adcomm seems to have forgotten the small matter of updating their status check!  :o  who can blaim em'?

you should keep in mind one thing about bc:  it's not 'really' in boston.  it's in newton...  it's in a very suburban area.  and if you live away from boston rather than towards it, your rent is lower and you're surrounded by trees and nice areas to jog/play frisbee...  basically, BC is not like BU.  also, BC seems like a very small and nice community.  the law school has its own campus with relatively small classes.  each section has about 85 people in it; people who you will get to know very well.

that being said, 60k is a ton of money and it's a tough choice.  if you want to work in boston, it's no choice at all.   but if you are thinking of dc, chicago, ny, etc. and you can end up in the top 10% of your class (be it at bc or wl) you'll be all set to find a great job.

you should che3ck out their websites and see where recent grads have gotten jobs.  guaranteed both lists will be impressive...  just one question for you:  why not GW??

oh guys, if we're including waitlists in the competition:  4 rejections, 3 waitlists, 1 deferral.

i'll see everyone's 6 and raise ya'll 2

Feel free to nominate random LSN members who aren't on this board... 

Currently I'm coming in with 4 'actual' rejections (and 4 pending rejections!!)  YAY!

good luck everyone!  ;)

just figured that we should revive this topic every sunday night.  good luck everyone!  if all goes as planned, i'll know where i'm going by the end of this week (ahhh!)  :)

for the love of god, go to cornell...

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