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Black Law Students / Re: megasplitter - ED to Chicago?
« on: November 17, 2009, 05:07:11 PM »
UVA offer you any money?  If it did, I'm not sure that it's worth risking just for Chicago.

Are any of you on twitter? If so, lets follow each other. I'm @jsimp7891

Perhaps this is a sign of progress when you can voluntarily out yourself instead of having some racists do it for you.


With regard to black splitter applicants, I wonder if they're just as friendly. Columbia was my dream school and I had similar numbers to the OP with the question (thought slightly higher and fairly good soft factors) and was waitlisted. I mean, it ended up OK in the end because I'm at HLS, but I was ridiculously bummed and wondered if it was due to the GPA.

Yeah, you're Exhibit A in how difficult it is to predict a splitter.  HLS accepted you, but CLS waitlisted you...go figure.

thanks for the insight A. I'm wondering, you seem like something of a guru on this stuff, on this website at least. Are you making these predictions just based on information you've seen over and over on the internet, or have you worked in admissions, or...?

Information seen over and over, and I was heavily involved in minority recruiting in law school.

Yeah you should get money from the bottom t14.

There have been plenty of black applicants who have been admitted to Columbia on this board over the years.  One current CLS student still posts from time to time.  You're almost guaranteed to get in there, if that's something you're worried about.

P.S. 33 black students in one class is a huge number.  There are that many black first years at CLS?  Interesting.  Then again, there were 18 in my class at YLS, and Columbia is twice as big, so I guess it's possible...esp. when you throw in the allure of NYC.  But I bet they have the second largest in the t14 after Harvard.  Or maybe NYU or GULC.

Black Law Students / Re: megasplitter - ED to Chicago?
« on: November 12, 2009, 03:11:58 AM »
Congrats.  Did you do Chicago ED?

You have a decent shot at all of those.  Harvard is the only questionable one b/c of the GPA, but I say your odds are greater than 50/50.

No.  For the most part (except for some regional firms in each area), the same firms go to all three of those.

But anyway, this is not to bash UVA.  You'd be fine there.  It's just an unnecessary policy that turns me off.

Right.  For instance, at Yale and several other schools, your interviews are determined solely by your rankings and a subsequent lottery.  In other words, you allocate points among your preferred firms, then a lottery is held among all the people who ranked the firm 1, then 2, then 3, etc. until all of the spots are filled.  Pretty easy to get several of your top-choice firms.  At UVA, the employer, not the student, decides whom to interview.

Sounds like you've done your research, so not much to add.  You should get into a t14.  UVA is a good school, and I love Charlottesville.  My only hesitation with them is that they're the only t14 (I think...definitely the only top 10) to allow employers to prescreen, which I think hurts their students.

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